Every second company gives u guarantee to show your ads to millions online but are they really doing it? Are you sure that you are not getting fake website traffic to your blog or website?

Let’s have an insight view of online advertising companies spread all over the internet promising high-quality traffic to your ad and also the terminology used in the online world.

As per the survey done, only 33% of people click on an ad that appeals to them, rest all are just left unviewed but in technical language, we call it impressions..

What are the Impressions?

What does that impression mean and is there any benefit of impressions to your ad?

Impressions are counted for the number of times the ad is shown to the visitors.

Impressions are cheaper than actual clicks. One can have thousands of impressions but may or may not get clicks. The click will depend entirely on your ad copy. 

Coming back to the companies that promise high views… If you are concerned about paid advertising, you must have searched for “buy traffic online” or “buy cheap traffic” or “Get internet traffic” and there are a number of links on the first page of Google’s search result. But are all the links worth? 

fake website traffic

Many of the small and cheap companies are involved in fraudulent clicks that are coming from nonhuman which are also known as bots in technical terms. Those clicks will make no mean to you or won’t give u any benefit as those clicks are not by humans who are interested in your product or service.

And if u don’t make any sale out of your advertising than you are advised to check your ad copy… Although ad copy does matter still you need to be careful.

Companies use bots to increase CTR so that they can make you believe that you are getting high number of hits using their advertising platform.

How to find out if you are getting fake website traffic?

Now the question comes, how do u know if the company is involved in fraudulent clicks or providing real traffic to their advertisers. Many companies are applying security patches to stop these click frauds but still, it is quite difficult to stop all the fraudulent clicks.

Companies like Google, Yahoo and MSN are more concerned about the security of their advertisers hence produce the best results in term of PPC and never deliver fake website traffic to their client’s website.

When Google started its AdSense service, every other person wanted to have those ads running on their so-called useless website which produce no real traffic to the advertiser which led to a huge revenue loss to people involved in advertising with a company like Google.

Though it was a concern to Google too as they started getting a bad impression from their real and genuine advertiser and they were the ones who were worst affected by these bot clicks. This is the simple reason why we see so many security updates like panda and penguin and others from time to time from Google as they don’t want their advertiser to lose money because of this fraud BOT clicks..

Google terminated hundred or thousands of AdSense account as they found those website having no authority ranking in their eyes and were sending fake website traffic. I also see the fault at advertiser part as well as most of them never track their results and believe that the advertising company are not producing any fake website traffic.

This becomes your job as well being an advertiser to track results and check whether the clicks are real or coming from bots and to know that you can see if your website is getting hits from one particular IP quite often.

K let’s see how one can check if the advertising company is involved in fraud clicks…

1. The first thing you need to do is to track each of your clicks. By doing so you will come to know which hits are coming from which country and IP and if u see hits coming from proxy servers or from single IP then understand that you are getting fake website traffic or hits from BOTS. You can do so by using a tracking URL or site like statcounter.

2. Check the reputation and background of the company you are advertising with. Also, try to find out the answers to a few questions as below.

  • Are they in the market for long enough?
  • Do they have a good reputation in the market?
  • Do they have a support system in place?
  • Do they answer your question timely and in a genuine way?
  • Do they have a valid contact address?
  • Which is the country of their business place?

Finding the answers to these questions can give you a broad idea about the company and its support system.

3. The main question you need to ask is about the traffic they are bringing. I mean ask them how do they get visitors?

4. Is the company providing cheap advertising? if yes… Try to find HOW?

5. Do the company pay money to people to get the hits for their clients?

These are the five main points which u can use to find out about the company and its advertising methods.

Hope you will be extra careful next time while choosing your advertising agency and avoid fake website traffic and clicks and if you want to learn more about PPC advertising or if you want to hire someone who is good in the field then this is the right place to start.  

It is not costly like other big giants but a good place to start your PPC journey but be sure to check for their ratings and comments. This will certainly help you find the right expert to promote your business and learn more about getting internet traffic… If you liked the article please share with others.

Images Source: pixabay and freepik

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