If you are reading this post, I would like to congratulate you because you have decided to start low investment eCommerce Business on your own even if you are looking for just a low investment business. The reason for this can be anything. Either you want to start a new venture or you want to earn more money or you want to leave your 9-5 job or you want independence in life.

Wow! So have I read your mind? This is because, where you are today, I was there yesterday.

Well, whatever the reason is, I will say that you have taken the right decision. But before you execute this decision or before I tell you about this business, you have to keep few things in mind… like

First, take as much information as you need: that is, think about anyone business you want to start like alidropship low investment business and gather information about that only. Keep in mind that this internet is a sea and you may get distracted easily from it.

The more you continue to move into the sea (Internet), the deeper it will become, and then you may never find what you have set out to find. The first task of the Internet is to divert your attention.

You may find different ways to earn money online while searching for more business information you decided to do. And when this happens, you will forget your purpose in the knowledge of more and may get lost in this labyrinth.

Information Overload – Bad Thing

Here, you have to understand one thing that you have to take information but do not carry the burden of information. In simple words, do not overload yourself with information; otherwise, you will never reach your destination. Achieve as much knowledge as you need to start a new business but don’t overload it.

information overload image
Information Overload

Secondly, before starting any project or business online, check that you have all the resources available that are necessary to complete the project. If you start the project without resources, then, believe me, you will be at a loss.

Let us now talk about low investment business you are looking for…

You need a huge amount of money to start any business in India or anywhere and you have to spend money on different things like to set up and manage that business. Even after that, you will be unsure of the outcome. But the business we are going to talk about today is called Dropshipping business. Perhaps you have already heard about it or you still do not know the definition of it yet. Let me brief you about it…

Please note that this is not a get rick quick scheme. It takes time to build and earn some money from it as from other actual businesses.

How Dropshipping Low Investment Business Works?

You can have an idea from the short video given below that how Dropshipping works.

Or just try to understand it with words, it works like this…

There are three main entities involved…

  1. The one who buys a product – Customer
  2. Seller’s website from where the product is ordered – Website
  3. The one who delivers the ordered product – Supplier (Dropshipper)

First Part:

Now, suppose a customer wants to buy something which is not available in the local market and he/she start searching the product all over the internet world. They see an ad of the same product they want to buy on their Facebook wall or maybe seller designed an ad around his product and placed in front of many FB users using Facebook Ad Campaign and one of the users clicks the ad and lands on seller’s website.

Second Part:

Say, after checking here and there, visitor likes the stuff and after the user is satisfied that the product is ok and the price is reasonable (let’s take the price of the product seller set on his website was $50), Now, the visitor places an order. Once the order is placed, the seller gets a message of order. Now, the seller places the same order with the supplier (Drop Shipper) with all the details of the customer including the address and pays the amount of the product to the drop shipper (Here, let’s take that the price set by the supplier (DS) was $20).

But his role doesn’t end here. He needs to handle all the queries raised by the customer and also need to keep communicating with them by providing the best customer support.

Third Part:

Now, its supplier’s turn to pack and courier the order to the actual customer’s address.

In this whole process, the seller’s role was to advertise the product and place the order with the supplier and take his profit margin. In the above scenario, the amount seller earned from dropshipping was $30. 

How Much Money is Required for Dropshipping?

Well, there is no specific answer to this question. The maximum budget a drop shipper spends is on advertising but to start with, you should have at least $500- $1000. Let’s bifurcate this amount further…

There are two different ways to start alidropship business

  1. You do it all on your (Only if you know the ins and outs)
  2. You hire a professional to do it for you
  3. You buy alidropship custom store

Let’s understand the difference between these three…

Scenario 1: (Only if you know how to build a website, import products and manage ads etc.)

Amount to be spent by you or by some field professionals like Star Computers if you plan to build your website yourself or by professionals…

  1. Domain ($10-$15) – Per Year
  2. Hosting ($40-$50) – Per Year
  3. Alidropship Plugin ($89) – One Time
  4. Marketing – $500 (Minimum) – No monthly or yearly – the more you earn the more you spend…simple

Scenario 2: (You Hire a Professional)

  1. Domain ($10-$15) – Per Year
  2. Hosting ($40-$50) – Per Year
  3. Website Development Charges – $1000 – One Time
  4. Marketing – $1500 (Minimum) – Including Ad creation

Scenario 3: (Alidropship Custom Store) – Recommended

  1. Domain ($10-$15) – Per Year
  2. Hosting ($40-$50) – Per Year
  3. Alidropship Custom Store ($300) – One Time
  4. FB Ad Creation – ($30-$100) – Depending upon the ads you create
  5. Marketing – $500 (Minimum)

Why Allidropship Custom Store?

The reason I am recommending you the last option is that…

  1. This is a low investment business you are looking for
  2. You don’t need to put much of the hard work and still, you reap the rewards. 

You can start on your own and spend less but only if you are know how to build a website and manage marketing campaigns etc but if you are not, you may end up giving up early. 

The other reason is, getting a dropship website from professionals of the field is a good thing because they know what works and what not. The store will be ready to launch in just a week and the amount you need to spend is less than the above two options. Moreover, you can just concentrate on your advertising campaigns instead of other things. This way you will be able to generate your first sale faster than the other options.

Don’t worry even if you are unsure of the type of advertise you need, just head over here and find the one for you or visit this  

If you are still not sure, then its better to read one of their free guides here 


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