How to Start a Low Investment e Commerce Business in 2021?

  • Do you want to learn how to start a low investment e commerce business in 2021?
  • Do you want someone to help you build an e commerce business?
  • Do you want someone to help you in selecting the product to promote?
  • Do you want someone to help you in promoting your e commerce business?

if you have answered “Yes” to all the above question then keep reading. There are basically two methods to start a low investment e commerce business in 2021…

  1. The Smart Way – Click here for smart way
  2. The Other Way – Read below the other way

This era is the era of globalisation, along with that this period is haunted by many insecurities to the employee’s due drastic covid waves. Now, the question asked by many how to start an e commerce business is answered here in this article.

Many people are already searching for ways to make money online through e commerce business and how you too can make a living using the same methods other are using because the earning source that felt safest now is through this business only.

The best thing about an e Commerce business is that there is no one sitting over your head to pinch you and another good thing is that you don’t have to spend much to get a fancy store or set up millions of tantrums to gain loyal customers.

You neither need a perfect time to start an eCommerce business nor do you need to stock so many resources, you just need an idea to seed and a trail to follow. And as the world is heading towards Digital socialization, e-commerce is the best way to be your boss and reach a potent audience without getting into any hustle.

E-commerce is a perfect paradise to weave your dream and become an entrepreneur like Ankit who earned $1,70,000 in revenue from dropshipping alone. However, you may get caught in the whorl of how to start an e commerce business? What to start? And Where to start? It gets difficult to pick a business that can generate revenue to reinvest in expanding your horizon. To begin with, you need a well-plotted plan of action to go smooth towards your destination

starting a business is not tough but keeping it alive is. So, Let us try to help you by highlighting the essentials before you start an eCommerce business. Let us pick some essential questions you might get while you start your journey towards an e-commerce business.

Prerequisites to Get Success in the eCommerce Business

  1. Select product(s) to promote.
  2. Build a website around that product that conveys it all: A perfect website can help your customers to know what you do and who you are.
  3. Delight the customer: Your business success depends on how you pamper and support the queries and demands of your customer (Very important).
  4. Create a brilliant product image: Amplify the importance of your service or product, create an image that gets the attention of those in need.
  5. Set a USP: To stand unique amidst many you need to pick a product that has an attractive Unique Selling Proposition.
  6. Assign a budget to your advertising.

What All Options Can You Target?

  • Drop-Shipping With The Latest 100% Automated Super Fast Third-Party Connected Services Without Inventory (Recommended).
  • Start your own online business store using On-Demand Free-Out Without Inventory.
  • Tie up being an On-Site Amazon Associate.
  • Get linked to Local Cart
  • Crack The Old Business – Give the business a modern touch (Offline to Online).

Step by Step Guide To Start An Ecommerce Business

To start with you need to get some practical ideas and research what others in the same zone are targeting to grow their business. Aliexpress dropshipping team have spotted many fresh entrepreneurs who lose their spark very soon without putting any honest efforts to settle their business. You need to generate a proper thought process to develop the qualities of a successful entrepreneur if you want to succeed.

To start with, you can target an easy online medium to start your business without devoting all your time and creativity. It might take a long time while setting up your seller account initially but a proper start would ease your journey or you can take a help from professionals in the field..

To launch your product soon and start generating sales by targeting the perfect audience. Once you start, you will yourself discover nooks and corners of the e-commerce niche.

Follow These Steps to Give Your Business a Boost in the Right Direction:

Find a Product to Start With:

To start with e-commerce you don’t always need to innovate. You can even pick a simple questionnaire to know the need of an hour without extending the herd of those who sell all the common items. There is a simple rule to choose the right product, either choose unique or go trendy. There are number of products available on aliexpress. You can also get help from aliexpress team who can help you find the right product.

(TIP: start promoting gadgets. This is never dying option). Check google trends for the search term “Gadgets”. Check image below and you will see that this is evergreen niche to work on.

how to start a low investment e commerce business in 2021

I have given you a broad idea. You now just need to look for products fall under this niche like gaming mouse, headphones etc. But before selecting the final product, make sure to check the trends of the same so that you know if the product you are going to sell is already in demand or not.

Also check the rating of the seller. This one thing will ensure quality product with trust factor. If many people have liked the product, it means, the product is good and the seller has a trust factor. Check the image below, the total rating is 4.8 which is very good. Anything between 4.5 – 5.0 is good but try to find products where rating is above 4.7. Also check the reviews of the clients. They will also help you decide in selecting the right product.

In below image, you can see that the total rating is 4.8 which is very good. Total reviews are more then 5000 again a good sign and almost around 10000 people have already ordered this product.

Now, you know how to select a product for dropshipping business. Just go ahead and start your search.

Set Pricing of a Product

The price play a crucial role in any business. Keep in mind that you may have good competition in the niche you selected so be very careful while deciding the price. You can spy on your competitors price and then decide what should be the price of your product. The other thumb rule is to keep your price 3x more then the actual seller price but always check what other dropshippers are offering using this free tool.

Although pricing depends from product to product and you need to experiment a bit to see which pricing do better than other. Also keep the price tag high and offer discount. This way you may attract more customers because people like discounted price over regular price.

Get Your Product Delivered at Ease:

Dropshipping is the most trending on-demand option to source your product. An option where you don’t need to buy anything and don’t even need a warehouse to stock your products.

Yes, you read it right. This is beauty of aliexpress dropshipping business model . You just need to contact the seller, order the product that customer ordered on your website and the product will be delivered at customer’s doorstep. You just need to get a tracking number so that you can answer customer queries when they ask the status of delivery.

This is how you can have your brand, own a business and use the products of others. In this way, you invest less and gain more.

Now, these are the basic steps that needs to be followed to start a low investment e commerce business and the last step is promotions. This is where you need to be bit creative because this is something that will make you money and this is the place where you need to put in some money to see the results.

Promoting Your Aliexpress eCommerce Business?

To target the most loyal customers, you need to sync your e-commerce marketing with the correct channel. Aim to generate an infinity loop over free promoting channels before getting trapped in a whorl of paid advertisements. But remember that paid advertising can generate more revenue and that too faster then free methods.

If you don’t already know the way to promote, better take help of professionals and be ready to spend a dime so that you see results and get better ROI.

Places to Start Advertising

Well, the whole social media is available for you to promote your product and to reach the global audience. But to start with, try influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing is nothing but a collaboration with an already established brand or person.

You ask the Influencer to promote your product and in return you pay them the price or the product your are promoting. Will be writing more about influencer marketing in another article. But remember that this could be a boon for your business.

The other way is to promote through facebook ads. Don’t use google’s PPC in the beginning or you may end up loosing all your money. You can learn more about setting up your ads here.

Once you start earning, you can reinvest your profits in advertising to gain more visibility for your e-commerce.

You need to invest to make a profit. Other strategies that you can focus on to expand your business is content marketing and digital visibility. Digital marketing can aid a lot to your e-commerce business with the perfect application of strategies and principles of marketing.

While there are many ways to start with an e-commerce business, what matters most is how you manage your business. “Success follows the consistency”. Once you get customers you need to saturate their interests to uplift your profits and maintain optimum customer support.

Customer Support

This is last but not the least step in building your empire. Your clients may have queries before and after the purchase. So make sure to answer each and every query and that too in time. Don’t delay answering queries of your clients or else, they will find someone else to buy their product.

You can win the competition only with your customer support and pricing.

Other Options to Explore

On Site Amazon Associate:

If you, anyhow, think that aliexpress dropshipping is not for you, the other option is Amazon. This is also providing an opportunity to get around 8 billion active accounts. Set up your online store website and sign up as an Amazon associate. The most interesting thing about it is that, you get a commission for every single sale but it will be less than the earnings of aliexpress dropshipping because that’s where you decide the price and keep the hefty margin.

Local Cart eCommerce Business

This is a zero-risk option that promises guaranteed income. Create your online website store to give it a start. You need to target the demands of specific companies. You act as a connection between those who offer services and those who need them and you will be the king because you have the customers. This is possible only if you are ready to put in lots of efforts and can meet different sellers to make them part of your business.

Crack an old Business

Here you don’t even need to find anything new, just choose something that doesn’t have a good reach. Learning and applying what you earn are the basics of anything.

With Aliexpress drop shipping, I have observed the fact that even when e-commerce have sorted every single issue of starting as an entrepreneur many businesses lack because they don’t apply what they have learned either through strategies or experience.

What do you need to do here?

  • Spot some retailers or shoppers that don’t have any clue about dropshipping or E-Commerce.
  • Explain to them how you can help them to sell their products through your website
  • Don’t charge anything at the start just make the agreements regarding their profit
  • Show their products to the audience through your Online Store.
  • Contact more sellers, more products will get more visitors to your online store.
  • Don’t waste money on advertisements at the start.
  • The retailer will be able to see the customer’s address & he will deliver the product to your online store.
  • The payment comes to your online store. For every sale, you will get commissions.

Dropshipping as a Boon:

Although, there are ton’s of options available if you are looking to start your eCommerce business but Dropshipping has made e-commerce easiest to earn large profits by investing the least. Aliexpress, Amazon and other similar websites have turned out to be a boon to those who want to start an eCommerce business without inventory and heavy investments.

The most hectic issue with an e-commerce business is delivery of a product but with drop shipping, you don’t need to worry about it as everything is shipped by the seller and you just need to take the tracking number so that you can answer the queries of your clients.

To conclude the trail:

You cannot start an eCommerce business without a single penny. You can invest less but the investment is a must to get optimum output. Focus on your uniqueness, stay consistent, learn from the competitions and stay updated. You can go unique to get more audience but you can never get caught into lag when it’s about the trends. There are strategies, methods, guides and many resources to ease your business and free marketing tools to uplift your business. You just need to imply all the knowledge you gathered.

We hope this blog will help you start your dream e-commerce business. Scrolling through this, you have gathered all the doors at your fingertips, exploring the niche to succeed.

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