Are you afraid of writing articles? This could be a dilemma, if you are just starting new. We all know that how important is to get traffic for any website. It could be a fashion site, clothing site, sweets site, product site, books site or it could be an affiliate site. Whichever the website is, having Traffic to your website is as important as breaths for humans. So today, we are going to teach you how to write an article and share some easy methods.

Remember, without traffic, your website won’t be able to generate any income for you (if you are working on that model) or it won’t be able to help average human learn, what you want to teach them.

In a short term, it won’t give you any kind of benefit. There are many ways, a person can get traffic to their websites and Article Marketing is one of them. Today, I am going to discuss about article marketing and its benefit. Some people think that Article marketing is not gonna help them in any way and it’s a dead snake now and the other part is that you need to be a perfect writer to attract people to your website. but that’s not the case. 

Is Article Marketing Dead?

Now, the question comes, if the Article Marketing is a dead snake and I am afraid writing than how could it help me get visitors to my site.

The very first thing I would like to share with you about me is that I am not a perfect write and never thought that I will be writing articles like this. But today, I am doing this. Writing Articles to help people understand what exactly is Internet Marketing and its benefit. Anyone can write, they just need to find the topic of their interest and start writing. 

Article Marketing is a part of Internet Marketing via which we get visitors or in other words we get traffic to our website. So, if I can write an article than I believe that anyone can do this. Not a BIG deal… and even today, it’s not a dead snake. In fact, this is the best and free method to generate huge traffic to your blog or website if you are writing yourself. Believe me, it works and the only thing is that it should be unique and should interest people reading this.

What actually is an Article?

I will tell you how to write an article easy way but first, we need to understand what actually is an article? In simple words, Article is nothing more than your thoughts. People writing Articles, knows about the topic and then just write their thoughts on a piece of paper or on a notepad and make that an Article. So, whatever is their in your mind regarding the subject, write that on a piece of paper.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, just keep writing. It may take 2-3 or may be 10 tries before a perfect article but that is the way to write perfect articles.

How to Write an Article?

Remember few main points for writing an article…

  1. Title (It should be attention grabbing).
  2. Body – Introduction, Problem and Solution.
  3. Benefits (If you have any: Subject to the matter you are writing).
  4. Conclusion or call of action.

Well, these are the main points you need to remember before writing an article. Just think about the topic and start writing in your own language. Because it’s easy to write in a language you are comfortable with. Later, you can translate the same into any language you want using Google translator.


This is the main thing in your article. People will only want to read your article if they believe that your article is going to solve their problem. So, the title of an article should be attention grabbing. if you don’t have the idea, just head over to quora. This is a place for people to ask questions and get answers. You can find numbers of quries people are asking and these queries are just problems they are facing. You can search on any topic and the list of questions will be displayed on your screen.

Once you get your title, now its time to start writing the main part.


So when you have the question, It means you have the problem… “How to get leads the easy way?” can be your subject line and we know that many people are looking ways to generate good leads for their system/websites. So this is a main problem many are facing. Once you know the problem, find a solution for that searching online.

Number of people have written on this topic. You just need to go through all the articles you feel are good and accurate and then just start writing in your own words but never copy them. It’s better to write your own thoughts rather then copying. By reading different articles online, you will get an idea or solution to the problem. Be creative and people should feel that you are giving them an actual solution to their problem they are facing. Do add resources where people can get more information or tools.


Write benefits if there are any based on the topic you have chosen. Like the main benefit of writing articles is to get quality traffic to your website/blog and the other benefit is that you may help many people like you and me, who are looking for some information online regarding anything. You can also get indexed in Google Search Engine. This can bring loads of free traffic to your website.

The last thing is conclusion, just sum up the things you have written and close the article… that’s it! If you are a newbie, don’t worry about perfect articles, your main aim is to start writing. You can write your article in no time. Create your blogs using blogger (which is free tool provided by Google) and start putting your thoughts and share with your friends and family… Remember no body is born perfect; it’s a skill they learn. Or the lazy way is to outsource someone.

So, In a nutshell, Article Marketing is not a tough topic and it can help you bring quality traffic to your website and also it can help you get indexed in a Google.

PS: Article Marketing is a vast area and I have just shared some basic techniques.

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    Business can be easy with the help of professionals such as yourself! Thanks!

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