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How This Indian Generated $1,70,000 in Revenue Dropshipping

How This Indian Generated $1,70,000 in Revenue Dropshipping

How this Indian boy generated $170000 in revenue dropshipping. Read his full success story here.

Alidropship Custom Store. Is this a Better Option and How to Make Money from It?

If you are thinking of creating a dropshipping business, then you should check out Alidropship. They offer over 100 million products from over 100,000 reputable suppliers. With free shipping around the world and no hidden fees or charges, you can set up your own custom dropshipping store thank to AliExpress dropshipping. Don’t want to read below, just go here and Setup your first store or keep reading…

What is Dropshipping?

Put simply, dropshipping is a form of retail business that does not require the retailer to stock or ship the goods themselves. Instead, when a product is purchased from the retailer, the order is sent straight to the manufacturer who packages and sends the product directly to the customer’s address.

It eliminates the need to keep the stock with you. I will show you in simple steps how “Dropshipping” works but before, let’s see what basic things you need to start it.

  1. Good Product to Sell
  2. Website (Something like this)
  3. Hosting (from any reliable hosting provider)
  4. Advertising Budget

These are the basic requirements you need to start a dropshipping

For those who are starting online businesses, dropshipping offers a simple way to forego the cost of shipping and inventory while reaping considerable profits. In layman’s terms, you sell the product, earn the profit, and the manufacturer handles all the shipping requirements.

In order to set up a custom dropshipping store, you need the expert services of AliExpress dropshipping suppliers..

Why Choose AliDropship?

In general, Dropshipping is not an easy business. There are lots of things to put in line to see the first sale. From buying a domain to setting up your marketing funnel, there are a number of things to go through. And most people fail in this because they waste lots of their time in just on building a website and finding the right product. Whereas, with alidropship custom stores, the only thing you need to concentrate on is your marketing campaign. But if you think that you are not good at marketing product online then this place is for you.

There are other good reasons why AliExpress dropshipping is the right company to choose for your dropshipping needs. They also provide premium store option for those who want ready to access stores and are already generating income. They have all the resources needed to ensure that the products reach your customers on time.

  • Create a Custom Store
  • Get Premium Store
  • Number of Tools and Addons
  • Enjoy Large Profit Margins
  • Expand Your Business at Your Convenience
  • Expert Services & Lifetime Support

You create your own store customized to your products and needs. This means that you can set your online store apart from the competition. How you market your business is up to you, but AliExpress provides ample support that helps you understand and initiate powerful marketing methods that gets your store noticed by consumers.

What Makes Dropshipping Attractive?

What makes dropshipping such an attractive business option is the profit margins you can enjoy with dropshipping. Given the difference in pricing between items sold at retail stores and when they come from the manufacturer, it is possible to see profit margins of 100% up to 2,000% or more depending on the product itself.

When you are ready to expand your efforts, Alidropship will grow with your needs. Whether you are selling 1, 100, or 1000 items or more each day, you can trust AliExpress dropshipping to keep up with your growing customer demand.

It is the experience and support that make building a dropshipping store so attractive for those who want to earn extra money online. Whether you start part-time or are an entrepreneur looking for the next big item to sell, AliExpress is here for you.

If you have the time, energy, and commitment to create an online business, Alidropship has the resources you need to succeed. You can put your future into your own hands when you use the advantages provided by dropshipping.

buy alidropship custom store


When you create a custom dropshipping store with Alidropship, you create a business that you own 100%. This means that you can forego the costs of inventory and shipping while still reaping huge profits when selling one of the millions of products available. For those who have wanted financial freedom through running their own online store, AliExpress dropshipping offers the answer.

Above all, they have a 4.8 rating on trust pilot which means, people are happy with alidropship custom store So there is no doubt that this is a good option for beginners…

Fratila Ionut
Fratila Ionut
Few moments in life you will receive such good services and suport as Alidropship did, specially Larisa who did a great job in communication and suport to start my online path.
The Hostech
The Hostech
Awesome support, ready glad if i feel any trouble in my website alidropship support team always there to support, Thanks Olika & Vladmir Regards Raheel
We have recently setup our Online Custom Store with AliDropship. Wow... 100% we are very happy and satisfied with their customer service. Believe it or not... We had a very good experience.... Our Project Manager Evgen and Team was so supportive to make our dream come true. We were able to complete our Project within 3 weeks time without any delay in progress. With our own suggestions from selecting the products, setting up all the payment Gateways and designing the website, the team enormously helped us. The best part of the project is that you will have the blueprint of your development process. We are eagerly waiting to work with them again to set up another store as we have a very good experience with Evegen and his team. There is no other best service provider like AliDropship to get support from to setting up your own desired and designed custom store. Today we are happy to announce that we have our own online store business with the support of AliDropship Team. Once again we highly recommend AliDropShip for your Online Store setup solution. We wish you all the very best for future endeavors...! Cheers..!
At Shoppy
At Shoppy
Great Experience! The customer service always give me an help.
Meg Joseph
Meg Joseph
I own a premium store with Alidropship and my Project Manager is Tatyana Elgina. She has been most professional from day one, setting up my store and emailing me with steps to complete from my end. Thereafter she has been very kind in answering all my queries, everyday, and in the most detailed manner, with additional links to videos, that make it easy to understand and follow. I am truly appreciative of her help and support and value her knowledge and expertise. Thank you sincerely, Tatyana!
CeL Tiemsim
CeL Tiemsim
I odered an Add-on Set-up Service and Dmitriy Strekalov completed it immediately. Thank you very much for your very prompt action.
Space Best Store
Space Best Store
I wanna say thank you to Tatiana! She’s helped create my first store and I couldn’t be more happier. Thank you for being attentive to my questions and concerns and for helping myself better my business!
Flawless timely responses from project manager. Excellent techno-know-how. Not a single hiccup.
Jean Mbok
Jean Mbok
My technical needs were met in a very professional manner with diligence and competency. Thanks Volodya for the great job you did.
Quality of service responsiveness of support: technicians and IT specialists. Thanks for the quick and efficient resolution. Artiswebs

Images Source:

alidropship custom store

How Much Does Alidropship Costs?

You want to start your new eCommerce business and you realize that alidropship can be a great option for new business but then wondering how much does alidropship costs?

So let us tell you which all plans of Alidropship are there (without wasting much of your time) and which plan you should start with? If you don’t already know what dropshipping is than please read this first. 

Ok, there are 3 types of stores and a plugin you can use to start an eCommerce dropshipping store with alidropship.

  • Custom Stores
  • Established Stores
  • Premium Stores
  • Alidropship Plugin

Let’s now discuss all these options one by one and see what is the right fit for you.

Custom Dropshipping Store

As the name suggests, this is a store that alidropship creates based on the input received from the customer. In this store, the alidropship team chooses the niche and builds a website around that particular niche.

A customer also gets a personal manager who does every task as described by the customer. These kinds of stores are good for people who want to create a store from scratch.

Now let’s see how much money you need to get a custom alidropship store. There are three main plans as below.


Every plan has an option to add hosting @$48/year with free SSL but that is optional, but only if you don’t already have hosting anywhere else. $4 a month is not a big deal otherwise.

Now every plan comes with other different options. Obviously, the basic plan is not having all the tools whereas the ultimate plan is fully loaded with all the tools required to run this business. But I will tell you which plan you should choose to start and why later. Let’s discuss the features that come with these plans.

The only difference these plans are having is in promotions and the total number of products that you get with your store.

With the basic ($299) plan you don’t get promotional videos and social media promotional tools and gets only one social media page on Facebook with 50 products added while in the advanced ($499) plan, you get 100 products and an additional social page on Twitter and Instagram and with the ultimate plan ($899), you get 200 products added and social media pages on all the four social media platforms along with promotional videos and social media promotional tools.

Pros & Cons


  • You get a personal manager.
  • You get a unique store based on the niche you select.
  • No hard work at your end.
  • 100% ownership of the store
  • You get all the visuals like logos, banners, etc.
  • Option to choose plugin (Alidropship original or Alidropship woocommerce)
  • Option to choose a store based on different plans.
  • Can upgrade package later. For example from $299 to $899.


  • Takes 12-15 days to get a store

Now, let’s take a look at the premium store and if they are good to start with.

Premium Dropshipping Stores

The difference between custom and premium store is, in custom store, everything is built from scratch based on the niche you and your manager select whereas, in the premium store, it is like a plug and play kind of thing. You buy your premium store which is a copy of +already successfully running store and just start your business from the very next day. The only thing you need is hosting and domain.

alidropship premium storeThe good thing is that any store you choose has a single price tag of $300.

What you get in the premium dropshipping store

  • Alidropship Plugin
  • Banners
  • Product Catalogue
  • Theme
  • Products Reviews
  • 3 addons (Facebook + Abandoned Card + GA enhanced eCommerce)

Pros & Cons


  • You get your store as soon as you make payment. No waiting
  • Everything is pre-installed.
  • Can start promotions immediately.
  • Single price for all the stores. Quite Affordable.
  • No hard work of selecting the niche
  • 100% ownership of the store


  • It is a copy of an already running store with the same niche.
  • You just get the files, installation to be done by either you or pay an additional amount to alidropship team to install the same.
  • No option to choose a plugin

Established Dropshipping Store

These stores are already running online and generating profit. Actually, these stores are created by the alidropship eCommerce team and once the store start generating some profit, they list the store on their website to sell it to others who are looking to start their eCommerce business.

These are well-researched and well-promoted stores by the team on various social media platforms. They make different businesses available time to time. You can find more about available businesses here



Pros & Cons


  • Already running and generating profits.
  • No need to buy a domain and hosting as the same is included in the package.
  • One month post-sales support by alidropship expert team.


  • As the stores are already generating profits so the price could be on a higher side and each website has a price based on the sales it generates.
  • No customization
  • Customers cannot choose the design, niche, or anything else.

Alidropship Plugin

Apart from custom, premium, and established stores, there is another option for people who don’t want to spend much on the store. With the alidropship plugin, one can easily import products from aliexpress but I don’t suggest buying this plugin if you are not a technical person and don’t know how to create an eCommerce store on your own.

There is a lot of hard work involved if you plan to go with just a plugin like building a WordPress site, installing required plugins, and also setting up an alidropship plugin. Once installed, importing of products to be done based on the niche you selected and also setting up of images is another task to complete.

Where to start from?

This is the last but not the least question to answer. After reading the complete article, either you have decided or you still thinking about which one to choose.

I will try to make it simple for you …

  • People who are technically sound and have ample time, should go with Alidropship Plugin and do everything on their own and save some bucks for advertising.
  • People who want to start from scratch and build their own brand and want everything customized, should go with a custom store but choose the basic plan because creating a social media page is not hard but if you can’t even create that, then there are people who can do it for you at affordable price. You can also hire people who can design ads for you and create promotional videos and it won’t cost you $600 whereas if you go with an ultimate plan, it would cost you an additional $600 …
  • Premium stores are for those, who want everything instantly without waiting. There is no harm in choosing the primary store and if you think that you may find a competition due to multiple stores as yours then let me tell you one thing, you can do much better than others with better advertisement.

There are two main things in dropshipping. 

  1. Advertising
  2. After Sale Service (Customer Care)

If you can manage both in a better way, you have great chances to earn big. So go ahead and select your store and start promotions and make sure to setup perfect customer care to answer each and every query of your clients.

Information and Image Source Alidropship and Pixabay

and Pixabay

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