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Shaishav Sood's Affiliate Marketing BlogLearn Affiliate Marketing To Create Passive Income Online Today

Hey Shaishav here,

Thanks for landing on my BLOG. I will try to help you create passive income online as I do.

If you are looking to create passive income online using affiliate marketing programs that will not only make you passive income / residual income, but will create a complete  and solid platform for you, then I am glad you found this blog on passive income ideas. I strongly recommend you keep reading…

Thousands of affiliate/internet marketing programs are available in the market, and you can see exactly the same number of affiliate marketing tips and training platforms as well. For some, it might  be baffling to find the one which is the best when taking first step and that is where I can help you.

The end goal of most of the people is to find easy ways to work from home for one or another reason and create passive income / residual income online.

So why did I created this site is simply because I wanted to help people looking to create passive income online and achieve the success they deserve.

So, Before we proceed further- Take a firm decision that you will NEVER quit learning until you reach your GOAL.

Ok, Let’s learn how to create passive income and what is affiliate marketing?

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn money by selling someone else’s product or we can say that You earn commission by promoting and selling someone else’s business/product. Ok, the actual definition is here.. Don’t get confused if you don’t understand … You don’t need to go deep into definition. Just remember the simple words I used to explain affiliate marketing and hope it is clear what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is not just about affiliate marketing, there are many other factors you will come across, once you start to get  affiliate marketing tips.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Yes, It does work and people are making lot of money from affiliate marketing. Not easy though but still with proper guidance, courses, affiliate marketing tips and help, one can easily do it.

The good point about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need a degree and you don’t need to be that technical to be successful in this business. Being a technical is good thing in online business but there are lot of courses available online which teaches you each and everything to get started…

You just need to set your goals and follow some simple steps to make it work for you. If you can work full time like your job, than you can see success coming bit sooner.

Everybody gets result in affiliate marketing but the questions is, how they get success?

Getting results and getting success are two different things and the truth is that there is no single answer for this question simply because everyone is different. In affiliate marketing, Your own taste, interest, skill and overall goals will affect your destiny.

This is the reason I have created this site to help people like yourself understand the concept of affiliate marketing and achieve the same sort of success that I and many others have experienced as an affiliate marketer. But still as said earlier, your own interest will define your success.

At some stages, people believe affiliate marketing as some kind of a dream…or they think that it could be a scam.  Believe me that anyone can get success with affiliate marketing and I can say so because I have seen money coming in.

Remember, Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick system … It will take time to see some results depending upon your interest and efforts you put.

Take one step at one time. Your “BLUE PRINT” so to speak, should be FOCUSING every action you take to make your internet presence more valuable to YOU – not someone else.

What’s your ideal plan for affiliate marketing success?

Well, if you know nothing about it then obviously its better get  affiliate marketing tips before start working as an affiliate marketer. Don’t worry, here you will learn affiliate marketing in a easy way and will create passive income if you follow the steps..

Start getting the work done and you will be able to see results. Don’t worry if you know nothing about creating blogs/websites or don’t know how to find a domain and setup hosting. I am here to help you all the way to your success…

What are the STEPS to create passive income using affiliate marketing?

There are total 7 steps to create passive or residual income online. Let me discuss one by one…

STEP – 1:  Find Your Niche

First thing First, Find your Niche. This is the most important part in affiliate marketing. If you can find the right niche then there is no way you won’t make money by following the rest of the steps. It could be anything but better to choose the one you are interested in or something you are passionate about. This could be your hobby or anything you ever wanted to learn about. Not getting any Idea, not a problem. Click Here to Get the Idea

STEP – 2: Keyword Research

Keyword Research has a critical impact in affiliate marketing.  If the keyword you choose are not related to your niche than there could be a problem for you to get a good ranking in search engines. You can use the free keyword tool from Google to find the right keywords. It is always better to select the one having less competition. With less competiton keywords, it will be easier for you to rank high in Search Engines.  … Click here to read how to find the right keyword to target

STEP – 3: Choose Domain Name / Hosting

The 3rd Step is to choose a domain name. But STOP, you don’t just need a domain name, choose it wisely. Ideally you need to have a domain that includes a target keyword and which should be relevant to your niche.  One of the biggest problems is people tend to fall into the trap of choosing domain names that are far too broad. Your 1st and 2nd Step will be helpful in finding the right keyword rich domain … Click here to learn how to find the right domain for your blog/website

STEP – 4: Setting up Your Website

After selecting your domain and setting up your hosting, now we need to setup your website. We will not make any static or dynamic website here but instead we will choose wordpress blog to start with. WordPress blogs are easy to create and maintain. Only 3 clicks will create your wordpress blog. It will hardly take any time. If you are not sure how to setup wordpress blog … Click here to learn how to setup your SEO rich blog

STEP – 5: Writing content

This is the next main step to create passive income. The more powerful your content is, the more visitor you will attract. The content we are going to write should be unique and SEO rich. If you don’t have any topic to write even than there is no problem, just use Google’s Keyword Tool and put your root keyword in the search and hit search button. It will give you a list of hundreds of keywords phrases. Just select the one closely related to your niche and put “How”, “What” kind of words before every phrase. These can be your topics. Apply the same techniques to Article Writing.  Content writing doesn’t limited to your website only. It also includes writing articles for article directories. Make a habit of writing 2 articles a day and submit the same to different article directories. The rule says “One Article, One Article Directory, One Day”. That means, write one article everyday and submit it to any one article directory. In the initial stage, you can start with one article but I would suggest you to write 2 articles per day to get good exposure and if you are not good at writing than no doubt you need to outsource this to someone professional. Make sure you don’t duplicate your contents … Click here to learn how to create your first article

STEP – 6: Building Traffic

Ok, your website is ready and you are ready to build traffic to your site. Building traffic is most important because without traffic, your site is nothing. You won’t be able to sell anything, you won’t be able to create passive income from your site.  Find out more here on how to generate real traffic to your blog

STEP – 7: Monetization

The last but not the least, Monetizing your website. The final step will make you some money. You must be wondering why Monetization came after building traffic and why not before that. Because without traffic you won’t be able to sell anything to anyone … Read More

Hope these tips will help you create passive income. Just use these affiliate marketing tips one by one

To your success,
Shaishav Sood's Blog