How to Start a Low Investment e Commerce Business in 2021?

  • Do you want to learn how to start a low investment e commerce business in 2021?
  • Do you want someone to help you build an e commerce business?
  • Do you want someone to help you in selecting the product to promote?
  • Do you want someone to help you in promoting your e commerce business?

if you have answered “Yes” to all the above question then keep reading. There are basically two methods to start a low investment e commerce business in 2021…

  1. The Smart Way – Click here for smart way
  2. The Other Way – Read below the other way

This era is the era of globalisation, along with that this period is haunted by many insecurities to the employee’s due drastic covid waves. Now, the question asked by many how to start an e commerce business is answered here in this article.

Many people are already searching for ways to make money online through e commerce business and how you too can make a living using the same methods other are using because the earning source that felt safest now is through this business only.

The best thing about an e Commerce business is that there is no one sitting over your head to pinch you and another good thing is that you don’t have to spend much to get a fancy store or set up millions of tantrums to gain loyal customers.

You neither need a perfect time to start an eCommerce business nor do you need to stock so many resources, you just need an idea to seed and a trail to follow. And as the world is heading towards Digital socialization, e-commerce is the best way to be your boss and reach a potent audience without getting into any hustle.

E-commerce is a perfect paradise to weave your dream and become an entrepreneur like Ankit who earned $1,70,000 in revenue from dropshipping alone. However, you may get caught in the whorl of how to start an e commerce business? What to start? And Where to start? It gets difficult to pick a business that can generate revenue to reinvest in expanding your horizon. To begin with, you need a well-plotted plan of action to go smooth towards your destination

starting a business is not tough but keeping it alive is. So, Let us try to help you by highlighting the essentials before you start an eCommerce business. Let us pick some essential questions you might get while you start your journey towards an e-commerce business.

Prerequisites to Get Success in the eCommerce Business

  1. Select product(s) to promote.
  2. Build a website around that product that conveys it all: A perfect website can help your customers to know what you do and who you are.
  3. Delight the customer: Your business success depends on how you pamper and support the queries and demands of your customer (Very important).
  4. Create a brilliant product image: Amplify the importance of your service or product, create an image that gets the attention of those in need.
  5. Set a USP: To stand unique amidst many you need to pick a product that has an attractive Unique Selling Proposition.
  6. Assign a budget to your advertising.

What All Options Can You Target?

  • Drop-Shipping With The Latest 100% Automated Super Fast Third-Party Connected Services Without Inventory (Recommended).
  • Start your own online business store using On-Demand Free-Out Without Inventory.
  • Tie up being an On-Site Amazon Associate.
  • Get linked to Local Cart
  • Crack The Old Business – Give the business a modern touch (Offline to Online).

Step by Step Guide To Start An Ecommerce Business

To start with you need to get some practical ideas and research what others in the same zone are targeting to grow their business. Aliexpress dropshipping team have spotted many fresh entrepreneurs who lose their spark very soon without putting any honest efforts to settle their business. You need to generate a proper thought process to develop the qualities of a successful entrepreneur if you want to succeed.

To start with, you can target an easy online medium to start your business without devoting all your time and creativity. It might take a long time while setting up your seller account initially but a proper start would ease your journey or you can take a help from professionals in the field..

To launch your product soon and start generating sales by targeting the perfect audience. Once you start, you will yourself discover nooks and corners of the e-commerce niche.

Follow These Steps to Give Your Business a Boost in the Right Direction:

Find a Product to Start With:

To start with e-commerce you don’t always need to innovate. You can even pick a simple questionnaire to know the need of an hour without extending the herd of those who sell all the common items. There is a simple rule to choose the right product, either choose unique or go trendy. There are number of products available on aliexpress. You can also get help from aliexpress team who can help you find the right product.

(TIP: start promoting gadgets. This is never dying option). Check google trends for the search term “Gadgets”. Check image below and you will see that this is evergreen niche to work on.

how to start a low investment e commerce business in 2021

I have given you a broad idea. You now just need to look for products fall under this niche like gaming mouse, headphones etc. But before selecting the final product, make sure to check the trends of the same so that you know if the product you are going to sell is already in demand or not.

Also check the rating of the seller. This one thing will ensure quality product with trust factor. If many people have liked the product, it means, the product is good and the seller has a trust factor. Check the image below, the total rating is 4.8 which is very good. Anything between 4.5 – 5.0 is good but try to find products where rating is above 4.7. Also check the reviews of the clients. They will also help you decide in selecting the right product.

In below image, you can see that the total rating is 4.8 which is very good. Total reviews are more then 5000 again a good sign and almost around 10000 people have already ordered this product.

Now, you know how to select a product for dropshipping business. Just go ahead and start your search.

Set Pricing of a Product

The price play a crucial role in any business. Keep in mind that you may have good competition in the niche you selected so be very careful while deciding the price. You can spy on your competitors price and then decide what should be the price of your product. The other thumb rule is to keep your price 3x more then the actual seller price but always check what other dropshippers are offering using this free tool.

Although pricing depends from product to product and you need to experiment a bit to see which pricing do better than other. Also keep the price tag high and offer discount. This way you may attract more customers because people like discounted price over regular price.

Get Your Product Delivered at Ease:

Dropshipping is the most trending on-demand option to source your product. An option where you don’t need to buy anything and don’t even need a warehouse to stock your products.

Yes, you read it right. This is beauty of aliexpress dropshipping business model . You just need to contact the seller, order the product that customer ordered on your website and the product will be delivered at customer’s doorstep. You just need to get a tracking number so that you can answer customer queries when they ask the status of delivery.

This is how you can have your brand, own a business and use the products of others. In this way, you invest less and gain more.

Now, these are the basic steps that needs to be followed to start a low investment e commerce business and the last step is promotions. This is where you need to be bit creative because this is something that will make you money and this is the place where you need to put in some money to see the results.

Promoting Your Aliexpress eCommerce Business?

To target the most loyal customers, you need to sync your e-commerce marketing with the correct channel. Aim to generate an infinity loop over free promoting channels before getting trapped in a whorl of paid advertisements. But remember that paid advertising can generate more revenue and that too faster then free methods.

If you don’t already know the way to promote, better take help of professionals and be ready to spend a dime so that you see results and get better ROI.

Places to Start Advertising

Well, the whole social media is available for you to promote your product and to reach the global audience. But to start with, try influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing is nothing but a collaboration with an already established brand or person.

You ask the Influencer to promote your product and in return you pay them the price or the product your are promoting. Will be writing more about influencer marketing in another article. But remember that this could be a boon for your business.

The other way is to promote through facebook ads. Don’t use google’s PPC in the beginning or you may end up loosing all your money. You can learn more about setting up your ads here.

Once you start earning, you can reinvest your profits in advertising to gain more visibility for your e-commerce.

You need to invest to make a profit. Other strategies that you can focus on to expand your business is content marketing and digital visibility. Digital marketing can aid a lot to your e-commerce business with the perfect application of strategies and principles of marketing.

While there are many ways to start with an e-commerce business, what matters most is how you manage your business. “Success follows the consistency”. Once you get customers you need to saturate their interests to uplift your profits and maintain optimum customer support.

Customer Support

This is last but not the least step in building your empire. Your clients may have queries before and after the purchase. So make sure to answer each and every query and that too in time. Don’t delay answering queries of your clients or else, they will find someone else to buy their product.

You can win the competition only with your customer support and pricing.

Other Options to Explore

On Site Amazon Associate:

If you, anyhow, think that aliexpress dropshipping is not for you, the other option is Amazon. This is also providing an opportunity to get around 8 billion active accounts. Set up your online store website and sign up as an Amazon associate. The most interesting thing about it is that, you get a commission for every single sale but it will be less than the earnings of aliexpress dropshipping because that’s where you decide the price and keep the hefty margin.

Local Cart eCommerce Business

This is a zero-risk option that promises guaranteed income. Create your online website store to give it a start. You need to target the demands of specific companies. You act as a connection between those who offer services and those who need them and you will be the king because you have the customers. This is possible only if you are ready to put in lots of efforts and can meet different sellers to make them part of your business.

Crack an old Business

Here you don’t even need to find anything new, just choose something that doesn’t have a good reach. Learning and applying what you earn are the basics of anything.

With Aliexpress drop shipping, I have observed the fact that even when e-commerce have sorted every single issue of starting as an entrepreneur many businesses lack because they don’t apply what they have learned either through strategies or experience.

What do you need to do here?

  • Spot some retailers or shoppers that don’t have any clue about dropshipping or E-Commerce.
  • Explain to them how you can help them to sell their products through your website
  • Don’t charge anything at the start just make the agreements regarding their profit
  • Show their products to the audience through your Online Store.
  • Contact more sellers, more products will get more visitors to your online store.
  • Don’t waste money on advertisements at the start.
  • The retailer will be able to see the customer’s address & he will deliver the product to your online store.
  • The payment comes to your online store. For every sale, you will get commissions.

Dropshipping as a Boon:

Although, there are ton’s of options available if you are looking to start your eCommerce business but Dropshipping has made e-commerce easiest to earn large profits by investing the least. Aliexpress, Amazon and other similar websites have turned out to be a boon to those who want to start an eCommerce business without inventory and heavy investments.

The most hectic issue with an e-commerce business is delivery of a product but with drop shipping, you don’t need to worry about it as everything is shipped by the seller and you just need to take the tracking number so that you can answer the queries of your clients.

To conclude the trail:

You cannot start an eCommerce business without a single penny. You can invest less but the investment is a must to get optimum output. Focus on your uniqueness, stay consistent, learn from the competitions and stay updated. You can go unique to get more audience but you can never get caught into lag when it’s about the trends. There are strategies, methods, guides and many resources to ease your business and free marketing tools to uplift your business. You just need to imply all the knowledge you gathered.

We hope this blog will help you start your dream e-commerce business. Scrolling through this, you have gathered all the doors at your fingertips, exploring the niche to succeed.

Every second company gives u guarantee to show your ads to millions online but are they really doing it? Are you sure that you are not getting fake website traffic to your blog or website?

Let’s have an insight view of online advertising companies spread all over the internet promising high-quality traffic to your ad and also the terminology used in the online world.

As per the survey done, only 33% of people click on an ad that appeals to them, rest all are just left unviewed but in technical language, we call it impressions..

What are the Impressions?

What does that impression mean and is there any benefit of impressions to your ad?

Impressions are counted for the number of times the ad is shown to the visitors.

Impressions are cheaper than actual clicks. One can have thousands of impressions but may or may not get clicks. The click will depend entirely on your ad copy. 

Coming back to the companies that promise high views… If you are concerned about paid advertising, you must have searched for “buy traffic online” or “buy cheap traffic” or “Get internet traffic” and there are a number of links on the first page of Google’s search result. But are all the links worth? 

fake website traffic

Many of the small and cheap companies are involved in fraudulent clicks that are coming from nonhuman which are also known as bots in technical terms. Those clicks will make no mean to you or won’t give u any benefit as those clicks are not by humans who are interested in your product or service.

And if u don’t make any sale out of your advertising than you are advised to check your ad copy… Although ad copy does matter still you need to be careful.

Companies use bots to increase CTR so that they can make you believe that you are getting high number of hits using their advertising platform.

How to find out if you are getting fake website traffic?

Now the question comes, how do u know if the company is involved in fraudulent clicks or providing real traffic to their advertisers. Many companies are applying security patches to stop these click frauds but still, it is quite difficult to stop all the fraudulent clicks.

Companies like Google, Yahoo and MSN are more concerned about the security of their advertisers hence produce the best results in term of PPC and never deliver fake website traffic to their client’s website.

When Google started its AdSense service, every other person wanted to have those ads running on their so-called useless website which produce no real traffic to the advertiser which led to a huge revenue loss to people involved in advertising with a company like Google.

Though it was a concern to Google too as they started getting a bad impression from their real and genuine advertiser and they were the ones who were worst affected by these bot clicks. This is the simple reason why we see so many security updates like panda and penguin and others from time to time from Google as they don’t want their advertiser to lose money because of this fraud BOT clicks..

Google terminated hundred or thousands of AdSense account as they found those website having no authority ranking in their eyes and were sending fake website traffic. I also see the fault at advertiser part as well as most of them never track their results and believe that the advertising company are not producing any fake website traffic.

This becomes your job as well being an advertiser to track results and check whether the clicks are real or coming from bots and to know that you can see if your website is getting hits from one particular IP quite often.

K let’s see how one can check if the advertising company is involved in fraud clicks…

1. The first thing you need to do is to track each of your clicks. By doing so you will come to know which hits are coming from which country and IP and if u see hits coming from proxy servers or from single IP then understand that you are getting fake website traffic or hits from BOTS. You can do so by using a tracking URL or site like statcounter.

2. Check the reputation and background of the company you are advertising with. Also, try to find out the answers to a few questions as below.

  • Are they in the market for long enough?
  • Do they have a good reputation in the market?
  • Do they have a support system in place?
  • Do they answer your question timely and in a genuine way?
  • Do they have a valid contact address?
  • Which is the country of their business place?

Finding the answers to these questions can give you a broad idea about the company and its support system.

3. The main question you need to ask is about the traffic they are bringing. I mean ask them how do they get visitors?

4. Is the company providing cheap advertising? if yes… Try to find HOW?

5. Do the company pay money to people to get the hits for their clients?

These are the five main points which u can use to find out about the company and its advertising methods.

Hope you will be extra careful next time while choosing your advertising agency and avoid fake website traffic and clicks and if you want to learn more about PPC advertising or if you want to hire someone who is good in the field then this is the right place to start.  

It is not costly like other big giants but a good place to start your PPC journey but be sure to check for their ratings and comments. This will certainly help you find the right expert to promote your business and learn more about getting internet traffic… If you liked the article please share with others.

Images Source: pixabay and freepik

There are many people, who are still struggling to find a way to become an affiliate marketer. Now, in this difficult phase where people’s lives are at stake and many companies are laying off their employees, affiliate marketing or eCommerce business is like a boon for them.

It not only gives you the option to work from home but give chance to earn a handsome income. But for the newbie, there are lots of questions that come into their mind like…

  • Can I do affiliate marketing like a pro in 2021?
  • Where should I start?
  • How to start?
  • How much money do I need to invest to start affiliate marketing?
  • I don’t know anything about affiliate marketing and have no exposure to the online world. Do I still have a chance to succeed?

Or any other questions they might be having…

In today’s article, I will try to answer all your questions and concerns about affiliate marketing and eCommerce business or dropshipping business.

Before starting, let me tell you that if you do not take any action after reading this article, then you will remain where you are and the person who takes action will overtake you. Just by reading the article does not make money, after reading the article, you have to follow that leg and take action, only then you can get success.

Also, keep in mind that this is not an easy recipe for success. You need to have patience, stay persistent and keep adding the required ingredients to make it a tasty dish.

Ok, enough talk … let’s start and try to answer your questions…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is nothing but selling someone else’s product and getting a commission in return. It is like you are working for someone on a commission basis without getting any monthly salary. You make a sale and you earn a commission but this commission could go very high. One can even earn $1000 or $3000 per sale as well.

There are lots of companies looking for affiliate marketers to promote and sell their products and in return, they pay them flat commission or percentage. Some companies accept AMs (affiliate marketers) from all over the world and some are limited to their own countries.

How to Start and Can I do Affiliate Marketing?

Well, find a company, start promoting their product and earn commission …. Seems easy … but, actually it is not! But yes, you can do it if you are persistent and have patience.

Starting an affiliate marketing or becoming an affiliate marketer is not that difficult but the difficult part is its promotions. But first, let’s discuss, how to start affiliate marketing?

The very 1st step is to find a company whose product you think, you can promote or knows about. It is called a niche selection. There are numbers of companies available online whose products can be sold online but it’s up to you to decide which one to promote.

Take it this way … a person good at golf will find it difficult to win in chess.

Why so? Because you should know what you are selling and should have good knowledge about that particular product. It will then be easier for you to write about that product or service and will be able to convince people to buy that.

So, does that mean, that I won’t be able to sell a product if I am not good at anything? Well, not exactly, if you are not good at anything, you still can sell products but with the help of other skilled people. But then you have to increase your budget.

Note: Never start any business in a hurry. Take some time to research and once satisfied, only then start the business.

You can start by joining Clickbank as they have millions of products to sell but be careful while choosing the product to sell. There are numbers of categories available at ClickBank (figure 1)

can i do affiliate marketing                                        

Figure 1

So, if you are good at computers, choose a product from that category or if you are good at sports, choose a product from that category.

Remember, this is just a first step, don’t think much about other things at the moment, just concentrate on selecting a product to promote, and please avoid things that distract you for the moment like your mobile or social media or any other platform.

Just think that you are preparing for your competition exam and stick to what is required … Again, there are several things that you need to look into while selecting a product to promote on Clickbank but let’s concentrate on selecting a niche first… rest of the things, we will discuss in another article.

Your affiliate link will be like this (figure – 2)

Can I do Affiliate Marketing

Figure 2

You will have to replace XXXXX with your userid and you are good to go…

Not only ClickBank but many other independent companies hire affiliate marketers. for example, hosting companies like hostinger, GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, etc … just go to any company’s website and look for affiliate program at the bottom… figure 3

Figure 3

Once the company/niche/product is finalized, just go and signup for their affiliate program. Few companies will accept directly without approval but with few companies, one needs to be approved. The companies basically check if you will be able to market their products and generate sales.

Those companies will look if you have your own website and will also ask what other means, you will use to promote their product. I would suggest going with companies that don’t need the approval to become an affiliate marketer with them.

How do you choose the right company to promote?

This is the next question that may come to your mind…

Ok, you must know that every company has a reputation in the online world. People have given reviews online which decides their trust factor. There are sites like TrustPilot  which shares user’s experiences as reviews. You can find if the company chosen has a good or bad review.

You can also search online using google using the term (company name reviews) and you will find many reviews related to that company.

If you see that the reviews are above 4.5 stars then the company is good to go. Just visit their website and read their payment terms. Many companies pay every fortnightly and some pay after a month. Better do some research and then finally join it.

What resources do I need to start affiliate marketing?

Ok, let’s note down the things you need to start.

  1. Your very own website like this one or a landing page
  2. Hosting (Obviously, if you are going to have your own website, you need a hosting)
  3. A product to promote
  4. A budget for advertising
  5. Last but not the least, marketing skills

The above 4 are not hard to manage but the 5th point is the most critical part of the journey. If you don’t know how to promote your product, you will die struggling. If you want to win in this business, you need to learn the methods to promote your products on your own or better hire someone skilled in the field.

Don’t afraid of putting money into the marketing. The better the marketing, the better the results. Even if you spend $100 and make only $10 or maybe nothing at all in the beginning, don’t worry … just keep rinsing, try different ways or methods with different people.

If you are confident about the product you have chosen, then just change the strategies to promote but not the product.

Now the question comes, how much money you need to start affiliate marketing?

Well, you can start with just $20-$40 and this money will be used to buy a domain and hosting for a year. Yes… really, you can start with such a low amount but then you will have to do everything on your own like promotions, etc. there are several platforms where you can start your promotions for a fee like article sites, FB, Instagram, etc. will discuss that in detail later or in a different article.

Note: Don’t try to complete every task in a day. You are starting a business and it will take time to grow.

Make a list of things you can do or maybe a timetable like we had in school. We study different subjects in a single day and learned many things in the process. Keep in mind that we cleared every class in 1 year and this is not a huge time if you are planning to make your business a huge hit.

Don’t be greedy. Don’t run behind the money. Don’t try to earn all the money in a single day or a week. People fail because they just want to earn money as soon as they join affiliate marketing but that is the wrong tactic. You need to focus more on marketing instead of anything else in this business.

You need to know how to attract customers? How to scale up your business? How to convert visitors into subscribers and then to buyers? Once you learn, you will definitely win the game.

So, first, start writing articles for your blog based on the product you have chosen to promote. If you are unable to think in the beginning, don’t worry… you can hire professional article writers for just $5 here or here. Both are good and less expensive places to get articles.

Once you have around 10 good articles on your blog, it’s time to promote your blog. Keep in mind that every article of yours should have your affiliate link as anchors and make your words clickable. Like I have above for articles. Both words (here) have my affiliate links under them and this is what you have to do.

But don’t just insert links. Make visitors excite to click the link.

For example, suppose you are selling a course online and you have written an article giving it a mixed review. Now you need to insert a link, how would you do that? Check the below line…

After learning from this course (insert affiliate link under course), I earned my first $1000…..

Now, people who want to earn money will definitely want to see the course that made you earn your first $1000. Even if they don’t click the buy button on the course, you have a visitor on your blog. Later, you can use remarketing techniques to follow that visitor. (you need to learn this technique to improve your marketing)

Note: just keep in mind… Never ever spam anyone with your affiliate links. Don’t just start sharing your links in FB groups, or bulk email a link. That way you will destroy your online reputation and obviously will get banned from many platforms in no time.

Just do ethical marketing to bring the results and keep your online reputation in perfect shape.

I don’t know anything about affiliate marketing and have no exposure to the online world. Do I still have a chance to succeed?

Frankly speaking, there are three types of people who can win.

  • First, those who are good drivers.
  • Second, those who have the ability to hire a good driver.
  • Third, those who have the ability to be good drivers.

Now, you need to decide in which category you fall. If you don’t fall in any category, then just quit here and do whatever you are doing and stop dreaming about earning money.

Stop reading articles to articles. It will do nothing but confuse you with multiple information online. Listen to your heart and start with a list of activities. Remember, we discussed creating time table as we did in school or you can start from this free course.

Read it, understand it and implement what is suggested. Process step by step and don’t try to jump if you really want to make money online.

If you have any questions and concerns, do ask me in the comment section below…

And please if you liked the article, do share as much as you can to make other people learn the things in the journey.

How This Indian Generated $1,70,000 in Revenue Dropshipping?Want to know how this Indian generated $1,70,000 in revenue dropshipping? When COVID was spreading its wings here and there and was gloom everywhere. Ankit was able to generate hoping $ 1,70,000 in revenue drop shipping in 2020 alone.

This proves that, with the right guidance, dropshipping can be fruitful and may generate good profits. When the Alidropship team spoke to Ankit last time, he told that he has generated $52000 in revenue, but after that, a lot changed. He managed to generate more profits from his business.

Image Source: Alidropship Ankit’s Interview

Closing of a First Store

Ankit also told that he had absolutely no interest in those products, he sold through dropshipping, but still, he earned good profit by selling those products. But after some time he started feeling that he should close his first store and start a new store with the products in which he has an interest.

Instead of closing the store, he thought of selling the same on an online platform and earn a decent amount from it. So that he could start his new store with the money he would generate by selling the same. Thinking this, he listed his first store to sell at Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace so that it would get the right price for that store.

How Much He Generated Selling His Store

You must be wondering how much he generated by selling his established store. He sold his store for $20000. Yes, you have read that correctly. Shockingly, he sold his store for $20000, but it is not too surprising because the price of an established store can be more than this. After all, it is already generating revenue on monthly basis. Such stores are also listed on the Alidropship website which generates huge revenue every month.

This shows that if your store is generating good revenue, then you can sell it at a good price and start your new store with the money earned and also save money for marketing. Well, after selling the first store, you knew what to do with the money earned.

The New Business With the Same Strategy

Ankit started his 2 new stores after selling the first store and that too with the products he was interested in. In the first month only, he succeeded in generating revenue of $50000. All this happened because he believed in himself and he knew how the dropshipping works and on top of that he took full advantage of the free resources of Alidropship.

India – China Tension & Affect on Dropshipping

We all know that there is a lot of tension going on in India and China and because of this the Indian government, in 2020, banned 200+ Chinese apps, which also included AliExpress App. Due to this, the people of India had to cancel many orders, and products were not delivered to many addresses in India. In December 2020, China stopped the order delivery to India and now no one knows when it will start again.

The tension between both countries had no effect on Ankit’s business and dropshipping. This is all because of the beauty of the dropshipping model. Any person can sit anywhere, sell goods through dropshipping in any country. Ankit did the same. Sitting in India, sold Chinese items to the people of other countries, where there was no issue of shipping and there was no tension between the two countries and that is why he managed to earn so high profits.

Strategies Used

In his interview, he told the Alidropship team how he used to do everything himself like creating sale copy, working on advertising, making marketing strategies but then later he realized that if he gives away all the work to other people, he will have ample time to focus on what is important instead of things which have less value and hence he divided the work and outsourced so that he could focus more on product sales and customer service which helps in generating good revenue.

Below are the strategies he used to generate such awesome profits.

  1. He uses to check product rating first. According to him, the product rating should be 4.7 stars and above. It is possible that suppliers with fewer ratings may be providing low-quality products. It does not usually happen with everyone, but to a large extent, it is expected. So need to be careful with this.
  2. Then he uses to search on product pricing. He checks the price of the same product, he selected to sell, at various platforms like amazon and decides on the price of the product. He always keeps pricing a bit higher as he includes marketing expenses in that.
  3. Furthermore, he tests every ad with A/B testing formula. Sometimes, he tests the same product with different pricing. Like higher pricing / lower pricing and checks which one performs better. To his surprise, sometimes, higher-priced products do much better than the product with lower prices.

The Actual Reason for Ankit’s Success

Ankit tasted success because of his dedication and persistence and above all, he took the initiative to start his eCommerce business. I believe that the credit for Ankit’s success goes to him himself. Because imagine, if he just kept on thinking that he would start it, he might not be able to do it at all.

He thought and started and from there, the journey of his success started. Someone wise said that the depth of the sea cannot be measured by sitting on the shore, for that you will have jump into the sea and that is what he did.

He jumped into the sea to measure its depth. The other good part was, he never stopped learning and used all the resources available to improve his skills.

You will not be successful just by thinking, take action and start your dropshipping journey today without wasting time. Otherwise, you will find yourself sitting on the shore watching the sea only.

If you are still not sure, then its better to read one of their free guides here

Promote Business Using Facebook Ads

Do you know there are many budget Facebook ad designers are available in the market. One of the biggest department where people mostly fail is promotions because they fail to hire Facebook ad designers either because they don’t know whom to hire or the Facebook ad designers are costly. The other thing is that, if you are into serious business either it be eCommerce or promoting any affiliate product or whatever…. You must promote your business to get result. 

Out of 100%, only 5% knows how to promote their business. The other are just clueless. That is they they fail in generating sales. This is why there are so many tools available online which can be used but only if you know how to use those.

Either spend months after months to learn how to do it or just hire someone already in the field. Most of my tasks are done by professionals in the field. So if you are also looking to promote your business on Facebook but don’t know where to start? or how to start? Well then here is a list of all those five star rating Facebook Ads designer who will work for you and grow your business. Now, you don’t need to worry about promoting because they are in budget and can start working on your ads immediately. Just hire and relax.

Other Budget Freelancers to Build Your Business

Well, now a days, everything is ready to eat kind of thing. You either want your website, logo, graphics design or something which is out of your knowledge reach. I am going to share with you all the details you can use to build anything….

Logo Designers

If you are struggling to find a logo desire who can create logos according to your needs than don’t worry.. There are many cheap logo designers available online who can not only create according to your choice but don’t even charge for revisions. You can choose the one you think has creativity and are having better prices.

Website Designing

Quality website is must to have when you plan to promote your business the right way. Either it is dropshipping product or any other website. A Well built website can generate lots of cash so don’t hesiste to hire someone if you, yourself cannot create one. Here are few choices for you.

Product Selection

These are the main content pillars in building your business but the major part is finding a product to promote. So don’t worry, I have created a list of experts who are good at this as well… This is the 1st step but I have placed it at the last because once you reach at this point, you must know what to do first.

Today I am going to show you step by step process on how to use an autoresponder and create a sales funnel to build a list and believe me this is a very simple process as you don’t even need much technical knowledge… You won’t only build a list but that list can be helpful in making money for you…

How to Use an Autoresponder and Create a Sales Funnel?

Every successful online marketer is using an autoresponder but there are many who don’t even know what is an autoresponder and how it works? I have seen a number of affiliates promoting their direct links to the visitors which is a wrong approach…

Ok, First just look below the diagram .. this is a picture of a sales funnel showing 5 main steps.


Ribbon vector created by macrovector


The picture above shows the way a funnel should be … now, in the process the first step is to create your lead capture page or a squeez page.. It will be used to attract and capture the email Ids of people visiting your LCP (lead capture page) .. If you are using wordpress blog, than there is a plugin called WP lead plus which can be used to create beautiful LCPs…

Along with the lead capture page, create OTO (One Time Offer) or Thank you page with Survey .. I have seen many people offer OTO after subscription but in my view, we should say thank you and ask them to complete a survey to learn more about their problems after it. These pages can be shown once the person enter their email IDs on LCP. Offering OTO is not wrong but it would depend upon the LCP you are creating for..

But one can create survey for subscribers to know more about their marketing problems. This way, at least you may know what is the biggest problem they are facing in making money online and will definitely build a relationship with them and you don’t need technical knowledge to create a survey .. there is free wordpress plugin one can use to create it in a minute… check here


Now the 2nd step is to create followup emails and that can be done using auto responder. I am using traffic wave auto responder. Follow up emails are simply means to create a series of emails which you can send at periodic intervals to your list and try to CONVERT them. This can be done using your autoresponder very easily .. basically, you will create say around 10-20 emails depending upon the offer you have and will put the same in your autoresponder.

How to Use an Autoresponder?

I had created around 21 follow up emails. Once the person subscribe, autoresponder will send them follow up messages one by one .. the period can be defined by you .. for example.. Either you want to send mails on a daily basis or on after 2 days. The other useful thing with autoresponder are that you can also broadcast message to your subscriber if you have any special announcement or information to share immediately with your subscribers….

Tip: Never send more than 1-2 message in a day to your list.

If you don’t know what to write and how to create email series than basically there are few methods (free and paid) and you can choose the one you are comfortable with…

Free Method (Subscribe yourself first)

Say if you are selling someone’s product than most probably they are having autoresponder attached to their sales page or LCP. Just goto the LCP and subscribe yourself first… you will start receiving message from the owner of the product and believe me the quality of email series will be of high quality as they are professional marketers.

You can use the same series with same delivery frequency for your subscribers as they are using or you can change them accordingly … Bang.. isn’t it’s easy? but this is not the only place you can use emails, you might have already subscribed to many other offers/products/Internet Marketers List. Just see which email is compelling and force you to click the link .. you can, with little bit modifications, use the email for your product/offer.

Paid Method (Ask someone)

You can ask someone to write a series of emails for you. Number of email series writers are available at Fiverr, just choose the one which you think is good… Ask them to write short message regarding the product you have .. or say if you want 20 emails.. you can also hire someone good to write 10 articles 150 words each on the subject and than cut half the article and make it two or may be three.. this way, you will be able to convert 10 articles into 20 emails or even 30 email series. Everything at fiverr are just starts at $5 .. Just do the calculations, how much will it cost to you…

The other paid method is to buy PLR Pack.  You can buy some PLR articles related to your niche and use that as your email series. Do some tweaking before adding the same into your auto responder.


Don’t just leave your subscribers in the dust. Keep in touch with them. Just sending emails is not enough for them. You need to make sure you engage your subscriber in one or another way. Below are few you can note down…

  1. Welcome every new subscriber with personal note.
  2. Always answer their queries instantly. Don’t wait for a day or two to answer.
  3. Let them feel they are talking to a real person and not bots.
  4. Never force them to buy anything just by sending sales email. Nobody likes it.
  5. You can ask your subscribers to fill surveys at times and in return offer some gift items like coupons or discount on their next purchase etc.
  6. Ask what they want to hear from you or if they want you to write on some topic of their interest.
  7. Personalize your emails and give it a personal touch.


Now, its time to sell but don’t do it directly. Offer it as a value to them which may help them get what they want. If you directly ask someone to buy your product, no one would be interested. But, if you would offer some value then they would definitely consider the same and even if they don’t buy, they will atleast click a link to check what exactly is this..

for example, say, if you are selling some course related to soccer, you can write something like …

“This course helped me learned how to do a goal in soccer in just 1 week.”

This line will create some interest in people who are struggling to do goals and will click the link to learn how it helped you.


As said earlier, keep in touch with your subscriber and keep sharing valuable contents with them. Ask them to visit your blog to read new articles by sharing solution to other problems…

Hope you get some valuable content through this article, if you are happy, please share it with others.

If someone wants to share their views, you are very welcome to use “Contact Us” option…

Yes, most of the marketers will agree with me that building an online affiliate marketing business is/was a nightmare for some. They started, joined the best business promoted as suggested but at the end no earnings, no results … they lost their money and hope and still understanding what exactly is affiliate marketing and how to make money in it?

In simple words, affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s product and in return, earn a commission from each sale

Everybody wants to earn money online but building a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are tons of questions in the mind of upcoming/new affiliate marketer like..

  1. What does it take to build an online business?
  2. Is there any magic wand in the hand of successful marketers?
  3. How come they are earning loads of money and others are nothing?

Lots of questions in the mind of unsuccessful or I would say struggling marketer and that they are still looking for all the answers so that they too can build a business as others are doing… You can not build a business online if you are not…

  1. An action taker
  2. A learner, A researcher
  3. A creative thinker – who thinks out of the box
  4. Spending time to build a business
  5. Spending money on your business
  6. A good copywriter, article writer and an ad writer
  7. Good at getting traffic
  8. Treating your business as YOURS
  9. Passionate about your online business
  10. PPP (Patience, Persistence and Passionate) follower
  11. A good team player

You need to have all the above qualities in YOU if you want to build a business online. Few things are quite easy and don’t need any kind of training but few things need training before you apply

An Action Taker is a Winner

Taking an action is not a tough task but people find it difficult because there is some kind of fear in their mind…

fear of losing money, fear of failing, fear of embarrassment. If a person can get rid of their fear, they can go way too far and then the sky is the limit for them. People who are successful are not different but are successful only because they have overcome their fear and took the right step and the right time…

They didn’t care if they will lose or win .. they just had one goal and that was to earn money whatever the cost is … this is the passion one needs to have to create passive income online Find a business but before joining that, create a trust that you will be successful with the selected business model either it is affiliate marketing, dropshipping or whatever it is.

Even if you fail in the first attempt, don’t lose hope and continue working towards your goal.

Feel that you are a magnet to money and you will attract lots of money from this business

A Learner, A Researcher Always Grow

Become a learner. The more you learn, the more you grow. But don’t just learn, apply what you have learned and see if that was the right thing you learned. There is a lot of information available online and you might just get suffer from information overload. So try to learn what is required and don’t get distracted by shiny objects and useless information. Just focus on your target…

Don’t just trust everyone… learn from the leaders in the industry. Follow the one who is making good money.  The truth is that nobody is going to share their secret of making money but it is YOU who has to find the right tactics and use those. Or the other way to learn is to find a coach or program like this where you can get all the information required under one roof. That way you will be able to concentrate more on building a business instead of overloading yourself with information.

A thinker – who thinks out of the box

Always think out of the box. if you are doing what other struggling affiliate marketers are doing, you will fail … do the opposite to what others are doing. They are struggling because they are not action takers, they don’t want to put money in their business because they have a fear of losing the game and this is where you need to change your mindset and do the opposite.

If you are using FB, build relationships with people out there. Create your own page and stay active as much as you can by sharing good valuable posts and try to engage them. keep inviting people and once your reach 10k mark .. start monetizing your FB page … Although I am not putting much effort on that side .. 🙂 but still, I know this is a good way to generate good business

Spending time to build a business

If you think that you can build a business working just 5-10 minutes a day and rest of the time spending on reading emails etc then you are wrong.

You will have to put some efforts and time to make your business grow. Start with 30 minutes a day and concentrate more on promotions/traffic generation techniques instead of reading emails.

Make a daily schedule and put that into action every day… even if you join some kind of team, you will still have to put 100% of the efforts to increase your income. Read emails only once a day it could be either in the morning or in the evening.. go to Facebook once or twice a day .. same way.. either in the morning or in the evening.. but you will have to make sure that the 30 or 60 minutes you need to use only for promotions of your business.

Spending Money On Your Business

Most people think that they can build a business without spending a dime in their business but that is a wrong and misguided statement … nothing is free in this world my friend. and if someone says that SEO is a free way to generate traffic than think again … is it really a freeway … Although the word is “free” in this method but you are putting lots of time and if you remember TIME=MONEY… Every hour you spend is worth some money.

A good copywriter, article writer and an ad writer

This is a very critical part basically If you want to do all the stuff yourself. But if you have money and planning to hire the experts then you don’t need to worry much about this point but doing all the stuff yourself needs you to be a master in playing with the words. The best way to judge what people want to read is to find a few blogs in the same niche as yours and compare which got more subscribers than others.

Then read the content of the person who has more subscriber and compare the stuff with a person who has fewer subscribers…. you will come to know what to write and how to write to attract more visitors/subscribers.

Good at Getting Traffic

Master yourself in this method. Believe me, this is the one you need to concentrate more. Not just traffic but you need to master yourself in getting target traffic that converts.

Useless traffic will only disappoint you because you will only feel that you are not able to generate sales and that is why I ask my readers to avoid generating traffic from a place which is free and promises millions of hits to website etc… Always try to get targeted traffic which can be generated using SEO, PPC, SMM etc… hire an expert and put some money to generate sales..

After all, this is your business and you want to grow it and want to be financially secured… When I was in Job, I put at least 90% of my efforts and now I am in online business, I put 100% of the efforts..

The logic is simple. This is my business and I want to make it grow every day. If I can put 90% in my job, why can’t I put 100% in my own business? After all, this is my business ;)…

Hope I have shared some good points with you and if you think that these are going to help you in any way, please share the contents with others … let them get the knowledge they are looking for…

Are you wondering how to promote affiliate programs using better methods and you also might be thinking to buy a domain for every affiliate program you want to promote online so that you could write or create a blog around that domain but, let me tell you that you don’t need a domain only if…

  1. You are not doing it for SEO purpose
  2.  You are not going to make an authority blog/website
  3. You are not going to take that domain for a long time
  4. You are promoting short term affiliate programs
  5. If you are planning to re-direct your offers

These are a few of the reasons you should not waste money on buying new domain names every time you plan to promote an affiliate program instead, creating a subdomain is a useful way to promote your affiliate programs. Most of the affiliate programs are short term or maybe time-bound but people do suggest to buy domain names related to the programs.

But I always suggest my readers to get one main domain for a long term and create a subdomain instead of buying new domain every time for your affiliate programs if you are not following any of the method mentioned above…

If you want to re-direct your affiliate link but don’t want to hide your affiliate links, creating a subdomain will help.

How To Create a Subdomain

Most of the affiliates never show their affiliate links to people and to hide the links they use cloaking option. Creating a subdomain name is free and very easy to setup. Here are the steps involved to set up a subdomain (Steps shown here are for those who are using cPanel hosting). but before, make sure you have a hosting with a company which provides unlimited subdomains option with their hosting.

The first thing you need to have is your main domain if you don’t already have one. You can use Cheap Domains to buy a main domain and make sure you have a cPanel hosting. Now login to your cPanel using the link (use the username/password supplied by your hosting provider). After login, you will see a control panel with all the options available and ready to use as in the image below…

then FIND the option in the left-hand side to find and then setup sub domain. Just type subdomain in the find field and you will see the script in the right-hand panel. Click on it and you will be then taken to the next page to create a subdomain..

Now simply enter the name of your sub domain and click on create button.

That is all you need to create a subdomain but it might take some time to setup subdomain depending upon the hosting you are using. You can also use re-direction option (using manage re-direction option) but only if you want your domain to be re-directed to your affiliate link.

Re-direction is good only if you don’t want to hide your affiliate link or else I would suggest you to use cloaking of your affiliate links. You can put all your affiliate program information on your subdomain by installing a blog on it. Subdomains can get ranking in search engines as well if built on some authority site. You may have noticed while searching on Google that sometimes, it shows subdomains in its search result. To show you, I just used “how to make money online” in Google and here are the domains on the first page of Google.

Did you notice the name of the first domain?

The 1st domain in the search result contains subdomains ( on the first page of Google for “how to make money online” search. So from here, you can very well understand that Google does give preference to subdomains but the only thing it needs is that the subdomain should be associated with some authority site like in the above example.

WordPress, Typepad, Blogspot or all are having great weightage and value in the eye of Google but that doesn’t mean you can not get ranking with your subdomains. That is possible once you have a good authority (as required by Google) site running online.

Apart from these main authority sites, I have seen many other subdomains in the search results that belong to other internet marketers. Because I believe that if a page can get ranking, a subdomain can get ranking too. Keep watching and you will soon see some other subdomains in the search results which belongs to other Internet Marketers like you and me.

Are you afraid of writing articles? This could be a dilemma, if you are just starting new. We all know that how important is to get traffic for any website. It could be a fashion site, clothing site, sweets site, product site, books site or it could be an affiliate site. Whichever the website is, having Traffic to your website is as important as breaths for humans. So today, we are going to teach you how to write an article and share some easy methods.

Remember, without traffic, your website won’t be able to generate any income for you (if you are working on that model) or it won’t be able to help average human learn, what you want to teach them.

In a short term, it won’t give you any kind of benefit. There are many ways, a person can get traffic to their websites and Article Marketing is one of them. Today, I am going to discuss about article marketing and its benefit. Some people think that Article marketing is not gonna help them in any way and it’s a dead snake now and the other part is that you need to be a perfect writer to attract people to your website. but that’s not the case. 

Is Article Marketing Dead?

Now, the question comes, if the Article Marketing is a dead snake and I am afraid writing than how could it help me get visitors to my site.

The very first thing I would like to share with you about me is that I am not a perfect write and never thought that I will be writing articles like this. But today, I am doing this. Writing Articles to help people understand what exactly is Internet Marketing and its benefit. Anyone can write, they just need to find the topic of their interest and start writing. 

Article Marketing is a part of Internet Marketing via which we get visitors or in other words we get traffic to our website. So, if I can write an article than I believe that anyone can do this. Not a BIG deal… and even today, it’s not a dead snake. In fact, this is the best and free method to generate huge traffic to your blog or website if you are writing yourself. Believe me, it works and the only thing is that it should be unique and should interest people reading this.

What actually is an Article?

I will tell you how to write an article easy way but first, we need to understand what actually is an article? In simple words, Article is nothing more than your thoughts. People writing Articles, knows about the topic and then just write their thoughts on a piece of paper or on a notepad and make that an Article. So, whatever is their in your mind regarding the subject, write that on a piece of paper.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, just keep writing. It may take 2-3 or may be 10 tries before a perfect article but that is the way to write perfect articles.

How to Write an Article?

Remember few main points for writing an article…

  1. Title (It should be attention grabbing).
  2. Body – Introduction, Problem and Solution.
  3. Benefits (If you have any: Subject to the matter you are writing).
  4. Conclusion or call of action.

Well, these are the main points you need to remember before writing an article. Just think about the topic and start writing in your own language. Because it’s easy to write in a language you are comfortable with. Later, you can translate the same into any language you want using Google translator.


This is the main thing in your article. People will only want to read your article if they believe that your article is going to solve their problem. So, the title of an article should be attention grabbing. if you don’t have the idea, just head over to quora. This is a place for people to ask questions and get answers. You can find numbers of quries people are asking and these queries are just problems they are facing. You can search on any topic and the list of questions will be displayed on your screen.

Once you get your title, now its time to start writing the main part.


So when you have the question, It means you have the problem… “How to get leads the easy way?” can be your subject line and we know that many people are looking ways to generate good leads for their system/websites. So this is a main problem many are facing. Once you know the problem, find a solution for that searching online.

Number of people have written on this topic. You just need to go through all the articles you feel are good and accurate and then just start writing in your own words but never copy them. It’s better to write your own thoughts rather then copying. By reading different articles online, you will get an idea or solution to the problem. Be creative and people should feel that you are giving them an actual solution to their problem they are facing. Do add resources where people can get more information or tools.


Write benefits if there are any based on the topic you have chosen. Like the main benefit of writing articles is to get quality traffic to your website/blog and the other benefit is that you may help many people like you and me, who are looking for some information online regarding anything. You can also get indexed in Google Search Engine. This can bring loads of free traffic to your website.

The last thing is conclusion, just sum up the things you have written and close the article… that’s it! If you are a newbie, don’t worry about perfect articles, your main aim is to start writing. You can write your article in no time. Create your blogs using blogger (which is free tool provided by Google) and start putting your thoughts and share with your friends and family… Remember no body is born perfect; it’s a skill they learn. Or the lazy way is to outsource someone.

So, In a nutshell, Article Marketing is not a tough topic and it can help you bring quality traffic to your website and also it can help you get indexed in a Google.

PS: Article Marketing is a vast area and I have just shared some basic techniques.

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