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It is quite important for every blogger to back-up their blogs for one or another reason. I do it very often so that i don’t lose my data whatsoever. Today I am going to show step by step process to complete wordpress backup with just few clicks …. This method is for those who are having self hosted wordpress blogs.

The first requirement is to have hosting with cPanel and you should know how to access your cPanel. There should be a link to access that and your host provider will be able to give you the same. Now just login to your cPanel and once you are in, just search for “back-ups” .. you can find the same under “files” option. Basically there are two ways to backup wordpress. .

You can choose any of the methods you want… There is no difference between the two as such.

I will show you both the process here …

1. Click on Back-ups

wordpress backup

2. Click on “Download or generate a full wordpress backup”


This way you will be able to generate full back-up but keep in mind that these kind of wordpress backups can’t be restored using cPanel but are good if you are moving your host.

3. Now this is where you need to select where to download the wordpress backup. It could be your host’s home directory or directory on a remote server if you have another host..  I am using remote server and saving the data on other host…


message4. Once the backing up of data is complete, you will get a message in your inbox.


Partial WordPress backup

This is another method of taking wordpress backup. This method is easy to restore using cPanel.

Ok, so again you need to click on “backups” and than click on “home direcotry” to save files of your home directory. it will be downloaded on your system’s hard disk drive. Save it on a secure drive. It might take some time to download depending upon the size of the data you have and obviously depends upon internet speed as well.

Partial WordPress Backup


Tip: Never keep your essential files on C: Drive (or on a drive where OS is installed)

Now to save the database, click on each database separately to save the same on your system’s harddrive.

The other wordpress backup method

Now we will see how we can save data using a wizard…

1st click on “Backup Wizard” option…
backupwizard2. Click on backup


3. Select full or partial back-up

backupwizard-24. Fill details of remote server or save on home directory.. The data will be saved on your domain’s home directory. Which can be downloaded later on your system’s hard drive using FTP client.

generatebackupAfter saving the data, you will be able to see the same under you cpanel …


5. Same way you can take partial back-ups just by clicking on each link separately. Partial backups are easy to restore using cPanel.

That’s all about wordpress backup guys… If you have questions, feel free to ask using the comment box below….

N’joi and share the same with the world…..

PS: If you are looking to get free pc backup tool than click here to get one you can use..

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  1. Elina Jones says:

    Shaishav, you shared an really astounding information for business people like me. backing up important data is very essential for any website. thanks for sharing this useful info here.

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