The other day I was thinking that there might be people who are not very technical but must be creating their family videos and might be asking questions, where can I upload videos to share? So that they can share their family videos with their friends and I guess this article of mine will help people who are looking to upload videos to share with their family, friends or may be they wants to promote something online. There are many free Video Sharing Sites Like Youtube but I am going to discuss the main four websites you can use!

So let’s discuss the various places where you can upload videos to share with other people …

I believe that most of the people who are into Internet Marketing knows that video marketing is no doubt one of the best way to market your product and business. And when we think about marketing our businesses using videos then the first obvious name comes to our mind is YOUTUBE …

Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing website around the net not only because it is free but also because of the popularity it gained in the last few years. Youtube has produced millions of videos and millions of people are watching videos on daily basis on youtube and I believe the trend is only expected to grow… Just see how many video this video got …

most viewed video on youtube


The only drawback Youtube or any other video sharing site has is that you can not upload single video of huge size. If the size of the video is huge say 100 MB then either you need to upload the videos in parts on video sharing sites or get your video hosing account.

Video marketing is growing rapidly and everyone is trying to get their share of this marketing method. As I said above this trend is not only expected to grow but we will see huge growth in the coming years. So the chances for everyone are still there and you can have people to view your videos…

We all know that youtube belongs to Google and Google is very concern about what you show to the normal people out their watching your videos.. So take little bit extra care while creating your videos…

Well, although Youtube is quite strict but then youtube is not the only option available now a days… You have other video sharing sites which sometimes ranks better then youtube in search results…

So let’s talk about the alternatives to YOUTUBE … the big giant … ;)

1. Daily Motion :: Dailymotion is no doubt the second best and visited video sharing website and it is a best alternative to youtube if you are looking to market your product. They receive more then 100 millions unique visits every month. They have included 16 languages to make it convinient for people from most of the countires around the world. You can upload high quality and HD videos quite fast.

2. Slideshare: Another name in video sharing sites but the difference between slideshare and other video sharing sites is that slideshare not only share the videos but it can share your power point presentation, documents, PDFs and webinars and above all, you can easily download the video onto your system if the owner of the video has set his permissions to download. It is growing at a very rapid speed and have more then 60 million visits every month. You can share your presentations publicly or privately and no doubt getting good ranking in search engines now a days…

3. BrightCove :: This is another name in the list but just to let you know that this is a paid video sharing site. You can try for 30 days before paying your subscription. Brightcove is a provider of cloud content services and they have more then 6000 customers in around 60 countries. Basically they charge because they are not only providing you cloud platform but also offers consultation for making videos, strategy, design etc…

4. Flickr :: If you don’t know, you can upload videos to Flickr as well. It is a service by Yahoo as Google has youtube. But the main difference between Flickr and Youtube is that if you are a free member with flickr then the number of videos you can upload are just 2 and that too of max. 300 MB whereas this is not the case with Youtube… If you have a pro account with Flickr, you get everything unlimited.

But hey, who needs to rely on these video sharing sites only. Even if you are looking to market your videos, don’t rely on these only sites. The best place for you, if you are looking for a viral promotions, is Facebook …

Yes, right! Facebook is another video sharing site and it goes viral if your video attracts more people. If the video is good it will be shared by TONs of peoples with single click… This is where the actual magic begains. Infact, you can use any site for marketing your videos, if the site supports video sharing like Facebook, Apsense, Myspace, Twitter these are some great places you can use to share you videos which can go viral in no time but only if the video you are promoting has some value or if it attracts more eyes and ears.

Well, I don’t think I need to guide you on how to post a video on facebook. It is quite simple and easy… If you don’t have a facebook account, get one .. it’s free and if you do have then what are you waiting for. Create a video and if you don’t know how to create a video then use video producer software and upload it on facebook ….

Hope you enjoyed the article but if not, let me know and if yes, please tell the world by sharing…..

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