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If you are into Internet Marketing Business or for that matter, in any other business which has an online presence than you need to know that building a business and making money online is easy only if you have the right attitude and tools. Just think yourself, How can you earn money online if you don’t have any relationship with your visitors?

Whosoever visiting your site won’t buy in the first attempt. The statistics says that it takes 7 attempts for a visitor to buy something online and you have only 9 seconds to engage your visitor while they are online on your website and if you are unable to catch their details in that period of time, you will never be able to get that. 99% people never visit the website again and only 1% visits only if there is useful information available on your website.

So, how can you engage visitor on your website? How can you make a relationship with your visitor?

This is where we need an Auto Responder.

Auto responder is the only way to build your list of subscribers and create trust with them by providing them useful information so that they can follow you till the end.

How to Use Auto Responder

It is quite simple to use auto responder on your blog / website or on any of the article… You can use them in lead capture pages and at many other places…

A real example of the Auto Responder is as below or you can see that in the right side bar…

This Course is 100% Free Enter your name and email address to the right and I will send you access to this Internet marketing course…Right Away

Full Name:


And DO NOT forgot to mention something like this… “Your Details are safe with us. We hate spam as much as you do.” and make sure you never spam your subscribers with your so called opportunities…

You need to create a lead capture page by putting something which can be valuable to the visitor as you can see in the above example that I am giving free course to my visitors so that they can get benefit from that… it can be anything other then the opportunity for ex. video course, bootcamp, tutorials, free eBook, free software or whatever you want to…

and in exchange for your free information, the visitor will give you their name and email address.

Once they subscribe, you will have their name and email id with you which you can use to follow them with good information…

Autoresponder is simply a tool to get the details of the visitor on your website and to follow them with your sequential mails. Autoresponder automatically sends mail (as per your schedule) to each and every active subscriber on your list. You can periodically send newsletter or current news regarding the business you are doing or whatever you want to, to your active subscriber list. You can set your email campaigns; you can send bulk email using autoresponder and much more.

There are basically two types of visitors you can expect on your website depending upon the nature of your business.

  1. The one who are looking for some kind of information regarding the product/information you have
  2. The others who need your help

Whatever is the motto of your visitor, in both the cases, you should be able to capture the leads by offering value to them. You can setup a series of Emails to follow them later.

If you own a website or blog than no doubt you need an autoresponder to generate leads to make more money. Many people fail to understand the need of autoresponder and than they fail to generate the sales.

How to choose an Autoresponder?

When searching for an email marketing tools, you will come across many websites offering the product at different prices. Few are very good and few are worst. The main motto while choosing an autoresponder should be to see if they are spam free and have 100% delivery rate and please never go with free auto responders. The reason is simple, there delivery rate is very less as compared to paid email marketing softwares and if your subscriber is not getting message delivered in their inbox than what is the use of having an autoresponder… make sense!

Few of the good autoresponders are GVO, Aweber, Get Response, Traffic Wave etc … but the reason I Chose TrafficWave above all is because of the quality they offer and because of the price.

These are just my viewpoint as I am already saving money with TrafficWave. You can choose any of the Auto Responder you want. Every Auto Responder has some benefits on one another. for example…

Traffic Wave: Good AR. Free for first 30 days and then just $17.95 / Month for unlimited subscribers (Recommended)

Aweber: Good Market Reputation. $1 to start with (First 30 days) and then just $19 / Month for 500 subscriber

Get Response: Free for first 30 days and then just $15 / Month for 1000 subscribers.

GVO Auto Responder: The product is combined with hosting so you can say that AR is free at $9.97 / Month for 500 subscribers and $1 for first seven days.

Hope you will choose wisely…

Shaishav Sood


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