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Keyword Research

In this article of mine, I will discuss how important is to research keywords before using those.

What is Keyword?

Before we learn keyword research, it will be better to understand about keywords. Keyword is the word or phrase people type in the search engines to get particular results. We also use keywords in our daily life while talking to others. As the name suggests, keyword is a word having some value for you.

Say you have to find something that you don’t know. So you will go to Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other) and type your phrase in the box provided there. The Search Engine in return show you results from its indexed directory to match your criteria.

Ok, let’s take an example

I say that I want to learn website creation. What I will do here is?

I will go to Google.com and type my search in the box. Obviously I will play with different phrases until I get the desired result.

Being a newbie I will put “website” or “Website Creation” in the search bar. Generally people use single word for their searches. Both the keywords are my root keywords. Root keywords always provide high level of volume. So sometimes it become tough to get what you are looking for! So, I will narrow down my search and use phrase instead of root keyword.

“How to create a website”

Well, this is more related to my search. It will give me the results I am looking for.

From the above example, we can clearly say that there are two types of keywords.

  1. Root Keyword
  2. Long tail Keyword or Keyword Phrase

Root Keyword: Root keyword contains less then three words. Generally people use root keywords like weight loss, computer repair, learn piano etc..

For example:

Website, Golf, Weight Loss, Computer Repair

Keyword Phrase: Long tail keyword is a keyword phrase which contains three or more then three words in it for eg. “how to learn piano” or “how to lose weight in a week” or “computer repair shop in area name”.

Why we need keywords?

The simplest way to explain in my view!

General Public:

So that they can find what they are looking for online!

Website Owner:

So that people can find them online!

But here we will discuss more about keyword research because that is most important for us being in the Affiliate Marketing field or obviously if you are looking to jump into.

Ok, we already know that keyword research is important because it plays vital role in our business either it is affiliate marketing, selling something, blogging or whatever it is. Keyword research is required to reach to specific targeted market.

The free tool I use for my keyword research is Google’s Keyword Tool.

It is always better to target long tail keywords because they have more potential over other root keywords and above all you will find very less competition and also it will be easier for you to reach to the top of the page of Search Engines.

Here we take a live example of my own site “http://futurevisionaffiliates.com. We will check the exact location of my website as on 9th Sept, 2011 on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Just go to Google.com and type the word “affiliate marketing”.

With this root keyword, if you notice I am no where near to the first ten pages in Google. I know it is very hard for me to reach to the top of Google with root keyword as the competition is very high. So I will not target this word instead I will use some phrases to reach somewhere near the top pages.

Now again go to Google and type the phrase “Learn Affiliate Marketing

This time you will notice that I am on page four in Google (Exact no.: 37) as on 9th September, 2011. It is only a month that I started my blog exactly on 2nd August, 2011 and I am still doing my research to reach to the top page in Google but, still I feel that this is a good place to reach in just a month.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Now again go to Google and type the phrase “Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free”

Click on Image to Enlarge

This time you will notice that I am on page one in Google (No. 9 to be exact) as on 9th September, 2011.

I hope you got the Idea here. It is easy with long tail keywords to reach to the top and also find the targeted people easily.

Few tips to select the right keywords:

  1. Use common sense with Google keyword tool (Its free)
  2. Target low competition
  3. Target long tail keywords
  4. Target search volume less then 5000
  5. Don’t confuse Google by mixing keywords (for eg. if you have a “weight loss” niche they don’t use keywords related to “learn piano”

This is all about Keyword Research and hope that I was able to clear most of the things in keyword research but if you still think that something is missing, please do let me know and I will try to amend.


Shaishav Sood

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  1. Patch says:

    It’s much easier to understnad when you put it that way!

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    You should be a part of a contest for one of the best blogs on the internet. I will highly recommend this website!…

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