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Let’s discuss the money part. This is the last but, not the least step in seven steps to learn affiliate marketing course. Why we have put “How to Monetize a Blog” in the last is because it won’t be of any use unless you generate some traffic to your website. Without traffic, there will not be any sale.

Now, if you haven’t completed the first six steps, better go back, read and complete all the steps involved.

Mainly there are three ways one can generate money online from website.

  1. Become Publisher
  2. By Selling Products
  3. Providing Membership
  1. Become Publisher: When we talk about becoming a publisher in Internet Marketing, it means that you have to place ads on your website. We all know that Google is the first choice when we talk about publishing ads. Google is the biggest search engine in online world. But, not only Google there are many others providing the same service.
  • Google
  • Bidvertiser
  • AdBrite
  • AdDynamo

And many more …

So how does it work and how can we make money from these kinds of ads?

How does it work?

Here we take an example of Google Adsense. The method is almost the same with every service provider.

  • An Advertiser pays money to service provider (Google) for showing their Ads to the potential customer.
  • Google will provide the ads to the publishers who already had an approved account with Google.
  • With a small code, the ads will appear on publisher’s website
  • When someone clicks on those ads, the publisher makes money.


  1. By Selling Products: Here comes the role of Clickbank and other similar digital retailers. Clickbank is the largest digital retailer and payment processing service. Most of the Affiliate Marketers use Clickbank to sell products of others.

The process is almost the same as we saw in 1st Point (Adsense). But, the one difference with digital retailer is that affiliate gets paid only after the product is sold. There is no money just for clicking ads like as in Google Adsense and the other difference is that you don’t need to have your own website to sell other people’s product.

How Does It Work?

There are three steps involved.

  • Join any digital retailer (Clickbank, commissionjunction, amazon, linkshare, etc.)
  • Choose the product you want to promote
  • Write articles about the product you have chosen and submit those articles on any article directory (ezinearticles, articlebase, goarticle, etc.)

When someone clicks through your affiliate link and make a purchase, you get paid.

  1. Membership Site: This is bit different from other two methods we discussed above. Here you send people to membership sites for some kind of monthly services like training or any other service. When people subscribe and pay their monthly fee, you get your commission.

So, Lets monetize your site and make some cash.

Shaishav Sood


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