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Holding_MoneyWhen you are trying to learn what people are doing to make more money online, they are actually making more money. There is no secret in it but just an action plan… yes right… you must have seen so many ads claiming how to make more money online but just let me know how many of the people who bought the product actually making money.

The answer is simple.. very few and the reason is also simple.. just because they don’t apply what they learn… and it is because they get distracted very soon towards shining objects they see online.

People think that this is quite difficult to earn some handsome income as even after buying good products online, they fail to make even a single penny. But the truth is that they are not fail because of the product but it is just their poor planning and distraction.

Now let’s see what your business demands from you .. there are few things … have a look below…

  1. Planning
  2. A Product
  3. Right Audience / Customer
  4. Place to Market Your Product
  5. Strategies to sell
  6. Concentration (Most Important)

Now these are 6 simple steps which can be the right way to build a business online.. now, lets explore it one by one …

1. Planning: This the first thing you need to do before starting any business online. Well, It is very important step or I would say mandatory step in whole process because if you don’t plan, you will astray for sure. You can be successful in no time if you plan your business… like where to promote your business, how to promote, whom to promote, when to promote etc are few questions you need to answer yourself. Document each and every thing in your diary and than move accordingly. This will help you earn more money in future.

Below mentioned steps can be part of your planning…

2. A Product: This is the very first thing you need if you want to setup your business either online or offline. Most people tend to think that they need some physical product or they need to create their own products but truly speaking, this is not the case at all …Cartoon_06

Product doesn’t mean that you need to start your own manufacturing unit. There are lot of companies which are looking for affiliates to promote their product or services and believe me this is the easiest way to get a product to promote and earn handsome commission.

But this is an easiest thing I told you “Get a product” but the question comes, how?

This is where most of the people fail. Choosing the wrong product will lead to failure. But this is not always the case.. People who are good in marketing can bring profit out of the wrong product as well but we are not going to discuss about a wrong product.

Now, coming back to the question, how to find a product to promote?

To find a product, you can visit “CLICK BANK” and to find which product means, finding a niche … This is where I have written a detailed article on this, just read and come back later after finding your product or niche to promote.

3. Right Audience / Customer: This is the 3rd step in the process. You have a product but where to find right customer is the question. Getting a right product and selling it to the wrong people is another step to failure. You can not sell flower to the customer who is looking to buy dog food and if you do, you are a master in marketing….

This is where you need to learn targetted advertising. In a targeted advertising, you will be promoting your product to the right audience and it can be done using many methods like PPC advertising, Social marketing, media buy, solo ads etc…

Buy_Sell4. Place to Market Your Product: Now this is the 4th step but is quite linked to the 3rd step. Again you won’t be able to sell your product/service to the person living in other state if the service is not available there but now, the whole world can be your market place due to the fact that most of the companies offer product which can be sold worldwide. So we don’t need to worry about this much if the product you have chosen has a presence worldwide. But if the product is not available worldwide than you need to chose the right place to market it. For example … people whose buying capacity is very less, can not afford cars. So it will be wrong to sell cars in an area where majority of the people belongs to lower class.

5. Strategies to sell (Traffic Generation): This is another important step in the process. You have a product, you know who is right audience for your product and now comes the promotion part. You need to chose the right option to promote/sell the product. There are many option you can choose from.. for example..

a) PPC Advertising
b) Social Marketing
c) Article Marketing
d) Media Buy
e) Solo Ads
f) Classified
g) CPA
h) Offline Advertising
i) Mobile Marketing
J) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are many methods you can choose from but you need to be bit careful while choosing the advertising platform. I would suggest you to start with free methods but don’t get upset if you don’t see good results from it. There are many factors that decide a sale and not just promotion and it takes time to build a business.

Remember, now businesses are more dependent on relationship you have with your customers.

Free methods which you can choose are Article Marketing, SEO and Social Marketing. These methods are free as long as you Carrying_Booksdo it yourself but may become paid if you take services of others who are expert in the field. If you are new in the field, just start it and learn it. You will become perfect in few months. You already know it but still want to remind you again that the Rome was not built in a day .. same is the case with your business… Here is an example of the same… My first blog “Click HERE” and my latest blog “Click here” and the one on which you are reading this. Do you see the difference? it took me two years to learn most of the stuff and I am still learning many things.

So just keep learning but never distract yourself from your main goal.

Ok, so create a blog on wordpress.com or blogspot.com .. you don’t need to invest in anything at this point of time. Just create free blogs like the one I created when I first started online. don’t worry about the formatting and all .. just concentrate on content. It should be good and informative instead of just a plain story. Also build a fan page on Facebook and start inviting your friends to the page. If you don’t know how to build a fan page.. just search on Google and there are many articles that shows step by step process.

But if you have already done this kind of stuff before and already running your self hosted blog than there is one strategy you need to use and that is “BUILD A LIST”.

Yes right! You need to build a list to create a relationship and to offer your subscriber quality products which you think that they might use to build their business online. The steps involved are very simple. Just look at the image below…

funnel-flowFrom the above image, you might have got an idea that you need to create a funnel before promoting a product and once the funnel is ready, just start bringing traffic to your lead capture page(s).  Here is one of my LCP I use to generate leads.

There is one paid tool you need to capture leads and that is called “Auto Responder“. This is very critical tool in building your list and then follow up.

Believe me, once you master yourself in traffic generation techniques, you can literally create lots of money online.  So, try to learn different techniques to generated targeted traffic to your blogs/LCPs and try to capture leads using LCPs instead of sending them directly to your blog…

6. The last but not the least, your dedication, concentration towards your business… It is quite possible for a person to distract from their main goal and run behind other shining objects…

TIP: Instead of looking at different business, just concentrate more on promoting yours the right way. As said, master yourself in traffic generation techniques and you will be able to sell any product you want.

Remember, if you are not able to promote one good product doesn’t mean that you will be able to promote other product. Just check out the strategies/methods you are using to build your business.

Hope you liked the article and if yes, please. share the same with your friends and I also welcome new suggestions if you have any…


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