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ID-10085374This is the one question I hear about most of the time and I have seen people desperate and literally want to make money blogging. But my advice would be to play the game wisely or else you will lose your time, efforts and money in the go…

I would like to share some methods with you guys which can be used to make money blogging.

Creating a blog is a very simple process though could be difficult for newbie and to make money from blog, it is necessary to have one…

So first of all, let’s discuss how to create a blog but it won’t be in detail (ask me to write a detailed post on how to write a blog if required) …

Basically, there are two ways to create a blog…

  1. Third party blogs
  2. Self hosted blogs

If you are new to internet marketing world than I would suggest you to go with the first option which is free. There are number of platforms one can choose from .. for example

  1. blogger.com (Free)
  2. WordPress.com (Free)
  3. Tumblr.com (Free)

and there are many other which you can choose from but you can start with any of the one mentioned above. With third party blbloggerogs, you don’t need to install it .. just create your user id / password and start … nothing else is required…

for example if you already having a gmail id, you can use blogger.com without creating any additional username/password…

Simply go to www.blogger.com (enter your gmail username/password) and login, you will see a dashboard …Now start creating posts/pages whatever you want…

The Pros of having third party blogs are

  • Free
  • Easy
  • No Hosting Required
  • No Domain Required
  • No other upfront cost


  1. Difficult to customize
  2. Less or No authority of the owner
  3. Can’t use popular plugins
  4. Third party domains instead of main domain
  5. Lack professionalism

The other type is self hosted blogs…

This blog is a self hosted blog .. I have my personal domain/hosting and the best part is I can use different type of useful plugins on it… although I pay a small fee to host it but that is required to make it look personal…

Ok, now let’s come back to the main topic how to make money blogging

But if you want to go with the 2nd type of blogging (self hosted) than read this article on “how to select a domain” because domain selection is a critical part of your business.. so choose wisely…ID-10043198

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees but these blogs can work as tree for you if taken care properly. As said earlier, there are number of methods which one can choose from… and we will discuss most of the methods one by one …

1. Sell Your Passion: Are you a good cook? or a good photographer or a good horse rider or a good golfer? or a good designer or a good telephone operator or a good manager or anything else ..

if yes, than that is the first thing I would recommend you to sell online… your passion…

People who sell their passion makes more money blogging than the people who sell other people’s passion.

because with this, you don’t need an additional training  as you already know the tricks of the trade. Just start writing your experiences (good or bad), tips to improve, suggestions or you can also create FAQs to answer the questions of the people visiting your blog. And to make money from it, just charge nominal fee for consultation ..

for eg. say $50 for 30 mins. consultation….

2. Sell Other People’s Product: This is another method to make money blogging and believe me almost everyone is doing this method. (Even I also do 😉 ) Because the pure fact is, this method works if done right..

ok.. So if you ask someone where to find a product to sell. The general answer would be to go to clickbank or commission junction etc but there are number of places from where you can choose a product of your passion. Although clickbank, commission junctions are good places but it is better to explore others…

Finding a product is not difficult .. just go to Google.com and type your passion + affiliate

For eg. say, I want to sell “stand up paddle board” ..

I would type in Google ….

stand up paddle board + affiliate

Number of pages will be displayed on first page .. just select the one you think is good and paying better commission … choose wisely, do a little bit research on the seller ..

ID-100222666Keep in mind that with the third party products, you are giving your face to their product and your reputation is on stake. … bad product, bad reviews and you are out of the market. …. again. .. choose wisely

Once you select a right product to promote, just place their banners or links on your blog…

You might ask here if I am selling third party products than why do i need blog .. well, it is quite important for you to build a reputation and create relationship with your visitor and that is possible only with a blog where visitors feel that they are talking to a real person. Blogs are required to create trust factor between you and your customer. but without a blog, your existance is doubtful for the people visiting your affiliate link…

3. Adsense: This is another but very much talked about method .. if you have a good blog with unique contents than apply for a google adsense account. If approved you google will ask you to place their ads on your blog and you earn for every click. The amount would depend upon the niche you have selected…

4. Sell Space on Blog: Once your blog is popular, number of visits will be there on daily basis… say for example there are 5000 people visiting your blog on daily basis, than you can easily sell a space on your blog to other business/affiliates and charge money according to you… few people are charging thousands of dollars for one 790×68 banner space..

If you don’t know where to find buyers than there are number of places you can start with .. like buysellads.com is one of the place…But before this, you need to make your blog popular and that can be done using SEO (spend some money to get it done right)

5. Create an eBook: You can also create an eBook from your experiences and start selling the same on your blog. Creating an eBook is not difficult if you have the content.. just write content on open source word processor like openoffice and after writing your contents, just save it as PDF… your eBook is ready…

6. Sell links: Do you know that You can sell even a part of your article .. yes right.. say you have written a good article and there is someone who likes it and wants to sell his product using your article. Now you will place hist affiliate link under any of the word in your article … like .. you have written article .. say blah blah blah have a look at affiliate link ID-100224529as this blah blah blah

These are the number of methods which anyone can use to make money blogging…and i believe that your question of how to make money blogging is solved…But I have seen many people struggle with the contents… they don’t know what to write, how to write and from where to get the idea? and to overcome this frustration, there are two options…

1. Ask someone to write an article and the best place for this is here
2. Get this tool here which does all the task on your behalf.

Note: The 2nd automated content creator tool is for people who find it difficult to create content for their blogs and don’t have time to put much efforts. Also it is for those, who use self hosted domains. You can not use this tool if you are using third party domains like blogger or wordpress.com etc…

Useful Information:

Make sure to get information from other bloggers as well. Just search on google (yourpassion + blogs). Steal the idea and not the contents. It will definitely help you in creating a nice and professional looking blog…

If you enjoyed reading this article, please take some time to share it with others who are looking to make money blogging 😉 …

2 Responses to How To Make Money Blogging – Start Here

  1. Great blog! Do you have any recommendations for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a
    little lost on everything. Would you propose starting with
    a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There
    are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed ..
    Any recommendations? Appreciate it!

    • Shaishav says:

      I always prefer to start your own blog instead of using third party free platforms… there are many reasons for that ….

      The main difference is that, using a free platform like blogger etc.. you feel like working in a job where as hosting your own blog is like, you are working from home .. no restrictions whatsoever ….

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