How to Get Traffic to Your Website?

Million Dollar questions… You have a website, you have contents on your website, everything is ready and now the question comes how to get traffic to your website? because  without traffic your site is nothing… Its dead and you won’t get any exposure to the online world and if you are an affiliate marketer selling products than it become more important to generate good amount of traffic to your website.

There are many ways to get traffic to your website but we will discuss only those sources which can generate good quality traffic to your website, not only traffic but also good ranking in Search Engines.

1. Articles: Articles are the best way to get quality traffic to your website. Writing article is not hard. You just need to find a proper way to write it. With time and experience, you will get perfection in writing articles.

Build a plan in a way so that you should have achievable goals.  Research is not actionable.  Writing is.   In any circumstances, you can “write” and “submit” 1 articles per day.  This equates to 30 new articles per month, and 360 articles per year.

Ok say, if you get 3 hits per day per articles (some articles can get more then 3 hits). After just one month 30 articles will generate 90 clicks per day .. just a rough idea but obviously we can generate this much of traffic to websites.

2. Forum Posting: Just 30 mins a day can generate good number of traffic to your website. Just find out few forums related to your niche and start answering the queries you find in the forum. There is a way to find a forum related to your niche.

Open Search Engine and type

forum + your_niche

Replace your_niche with the niche you are in. Now you must be worndering how do I get traffic by just posting in the forum.

Few forums allow signature with hyperlinks. Just add your signature but don’t just type your domain name. Your signature should tell people what exactly you do.

Wrong signature:

Shaishav Sood

Right Signature

Shaishav Sood teaches how to learn affiliate marketing or

Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free (whatever your niche is .. you have to think what should be the anchor text) (notice that your link is hidden under the anchor text).

There are 2 benefits of doing signature this way.

1. You get traffic

2. You get good rank in Google

3. Bookmarking: Bookmarking is again a good way of generating good page rank and traffic to your website. Below is a list of social Bookmarking sites.

Now, what you have to do is register for these sites and then add a “bookmark” to your article or website via their system. You can do it in daily basis. Just join 2-3 sites and start Bookmarking.

4. Social Networking: Whenever we talk about social networking, the first name comes in our mind are Facebook and Twitter. These are the great places to get traffic to your website. I will write in detail about these techniques later in my other article.

5. Google Traffic: This traffic is hard to come but when comes, your get swarm of traffic and it comes when you reach the first page of Google or other Search Engines. You need to know how to do SEO your site to reach the first page of Search Engines.

6. Write News: This is another great way to generate swarm of traffic. If you can write news about your niche and create one section on your blog something called “your niche news”. It will not only give you the top page but will also generate swarm of traffic. News is all about current happenings and just find what is new and happening in your niche and be the first to post on your blog. Just remember there are many who are looking what is new in the field.

7. Paid Traffic: I don’t recommend it unless you are good in adwords and all. This kind of traffic generally comes from paid campaigns like Google’s adwords. Either You need to hire someone to do the job for you or master yourself in Adwords.

8. Youtube: Youtube is an overlooked option to generate traffic. The one who knows the value of youtube generates more traffic than any other system. There are ways to get good traffic to your website via Google, but I will discuss that in my other article later. I would like to share one point here is that whenever you make any video, try to brand yourself. Branding can get good responses from those who like to see real people behind the company. Just watch the below image and see how many views this video got..

There are many other ways to get traffic to your website and the list is huge but I would not discuss each and every topic. But will give you an idea of other ways. Few are good and few are not.

9. Traffic Exchanges

10. Safelists

12. Banner Exchange

13. Link Exchange

14.  Yahoo Answers

15. Comment on other blogs

16. Classified Ads

17. Email with Signature

18. Press Release


These are few of the techniques to get traffic to your website. Apply and Enjoy.


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