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Today, I am going to talk about backlinks and how important are these for getting high rank in Google and other Search Engines. However, this is not a huge topic. I believe that many have already heard about this term before. Backlinks are also treated as good way to SEO your site.

But let’s assume that there are new members coming everyday to learn something. So I will start with “What is backlink”?

What is backlink and how to get quality backlinks?

Well, Backlinks, You got the idea right! It is exactly as it sounds. A link from another site to your site/blog or we can say a link from one page (another site) to the page of your site/blog.

Having many backlinks attracts Google. Yeah right, this is the main part of Google’s ranking algorithm. They treat your site popular because other sites linked to it.

They gives you high ranking if you have a quality backlinks to your blog.

Earlier, People were buying all low quality backlinks to get high ranking in search engines and it made Google think about it. This game of back-linking continues to evolve very quickly though. ¬†Google is starting to discover their own loopholes and it was time for Google to discredit many of the large websites that have “paid” for low quality back-links in the past.

Now, Backlink is just not a link to your site. Google became smarter and its harder to get rank with low quality backlinks.

For example, One can not expect results if they link “computer laptop site” to the “dog training site”. Google knows that there is no link between laptop and dog, so it won’t be of any use to link that way…

Now quality back links which Google recognize is like getting links from the sites which share same interest.

JamesGolfSite if linked to MichaelsGolfSite will be recognized as a quality back link because both the site shares same interest.

One more thing I would like to share is that your direct domain name (www.yourdomainname.com) in any article will not be treated as back link… You need to cover your domain with Anchor text.

For example;

1. There are ways to learn affiliate marketing. Goto www.futurevisionaffiliates.com to learn more about it (it will not be treated as backlink)

2. There are ways to learn affiliate marketing and this is the good way to generate backlink…… (This will be treated as quality back link)

So, I guess we can say that paid back links are now useless and are becoming less effective. Where as hyperlinks covered under anchor text posted on an article with same interest will get good ranking.

Now the question comes, what are the ways to get quality backlinks?

Apart from above mentioned way to get quality back links, there are 2 more ways to get Backlinks which Google still likes.

1. Social Bookmarking to Get Backlinks

Social bookmarking still has value in Google’s eye. The most common back-links are social bookmarks.

Here is a list of few social bookmarking sites


You can also check the trending of social bookmarking sites like which is up and which is down.


What you have to do is just join 2-3 sites daily and start submitting your Article link. These bookmarking sites carry high ranking in Search Engines and you can get a boost in “Search Engine”.

or you can use “Social Poster” to submit your site to social bookmarking service.


Social poster is an automatic social submitter which submits your link directly to the bookmarking sites. You just need to login on each of the site mentioned in the left and then click post.

But before posting, you need to fill the form in the right hand side. Give atleast 5 tags in the last row.

R stands for Registration, L stands for login

2. Links within Forum profiles:

You got the Idea, right! Ok, you just need to join the forum which is related to your niche. If your niche is related to weight loss then better join the forums with same interest.

There is an easy way to find forums related to your niche. Just goto Google or any search engine then type the following

forum + yourniche

Obvioulsy, you have to replace your niche with your actual niche. Like if I have to search forums related to my site. I will search as below..

forum + affiliate marketing

This will give me a list of forums related to affiliate marketing. Almost every forum allows you to put your website link in your profile and few forums allow link in signature… Both are good.

So go ahead and create some backlinks today…



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8 Responses to How to Get Quality Backlinks?

  1. shantil says:

    I wanted to start making some money off of my blog, how would I go about doing so? What about google adsense or other programs like it?….

    How soon do you think web crawler will pickup my blog posts?…

    • admin says:

      Hi, It will be better to ask question via mail .. i won’t be able to provide you full detail in a comment.. You can contact me via “contact me” form.

  2. Karan Dev says:

    HI Sood,

    Do you think its better to get a membership for getting quality backlinks?

    I see many softwares providing backlinkings but all are membership based….

    Yes, I did find a one off payment software at http://www.esuccessdynamics.com

    What would you recommend?


    • admin says:

      Hi Karan,

      If the membership site is giving or providing quality backlinks then there is no harm in joining that. ..
      and I don’t know much about the software you mentioned but I would suggest you to try the software before purchasing it or else you will loose your money.
      Most of the people are selling crap online so better find some reviews before purchasing…


  3. Loja cosplay says:

    Most of the files in the WordPress theme I have end in .php. I would like to be able to make the text changes on screen in the WordPress theme, also, how do you add additional pages, etc?….

    How to make a select category on wordpress use a different domain?…

    • admin says:

      To change the theme, you need to have a knowledge of PHP. Everything is available under dashboard, the menu in the left hand side after login.
      to change theme pages, click on appearance->editor and choose the page you want to change…

      If you simply want to change contents on the page then click on page->edit and new page to add new page.

  4. Rohit says:

    I loved reading through your posting. I have got to acknowledge it was the very first content on your web site I truly enjoyed and in which I had a sense of understanding, know what exactly I mean? In any case, continue the posting and I’m going to be back again.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice to be here…

    I’m excited to find this page. I want to to thank you for ones time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and I have you saved to fav to look at new stuff on your web site.

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