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Facebook is a great place to share your thoughts and meet your friends but did you ever think that you can get good leads from Facebook without spending money on advertising. I will tell you, how to generate leads on facebook and you don’t even need to create any ad on it. Just plain simple math …

But first, I would like to share some common mistake people make to enroll people in their business on any social networking site.

  • Spending too long on them. It won’t help you in any way but obviously you would waste most of your precious time.
  • Adding random people into the friends list and later spamming them.
  • People who are looking people for their business try to spam in groups. They just join groups and start posting their links on the wall of that group. Not a great idea at all.
  • Don’t make social networking site a pure marketing platform. Let it be social networking site and keep doing what you love to do instead of being spammer.

These are few common mistakes people make while browsing social networking sites.

The very first thing I would suggest you to create your new facebook account, which will be used mainly for business purpose … I have two accounts (one for friends and family and the other one is for business purpose only)

Profile Information:

Your profile is a place where people come to know about you and your business. So make it as close to earn money online as possible. Add your biography, add your business links and also add your skype or any other messenger details. Don’t forget to add your real picture on your profile.

Adding Friends (The Secret)

As we already have setup profile and need to add some friends. But don’t just add random people from around the globe, if they are not interested in making money online, they won’t be of any use to you. So, I would suggest you to find few friends who are interested in making money online. You can add me also in your list. Add 10-20 friends in the list and then STOP. You see not only will Facebook notice that your profile is all about being interested in making money online, listing online business companies you have used, it is now also noticing your group of friends has the exact same interests. So its neat little ‘Suggest A Friend‘ feature on your Facebook homepage is now going to pick people from around the world who are interested in the same things you are.

Facebook will help you get leads on daily basis. Add them as friend and start communicating.


We all know that Communication is a back bone for any business. Once you have list ready. You need to communicate with them on daily basis but don’t just promote your business. Behave like a friend and not a promoter. Don’t send message with your business opportunities. People don’t like this and they never read those message. Atleast I don’t read.

The best way to communicate is update your status. We know nobody reads those messages and nobody is cared about posts in the groups. But every friend of yours will read your status. So, that is the best way to communicate with your friends cum leads.

Status Auto Update

We know most of the online advertising and articles directories allows to link your social networking sites like FaceBook to their site. The purpose of linking is to post your article or whatever you have written, on your FaceBook wall. This helps you save your time from updating your status.

Say, If you write any article and submit on any article directory site which allows linking social networking sites then those articles once approved will be published on your social networking site as well .. You don’t need to visit FB regularly if you have chosen these options.

One can learn many stuff like this online but only when they indulge themself with other like minded people …




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    Hello. Cool article. There’s an issue with the web site in chrome, and you may want to test this… The browser is the market chief and a big portion of other people will leave out your wonderful writing because of this problem.

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