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Are you looking for a uncensored review about host then profit?.. k here it is. I am going to give you a review of host then profit so that you can understand pros and cons before selecting a web host like host then profit.

Before I start a review, I would like to give you an approximate figure on blogs in the world.. See, I am talking about blogs only .. and that too from WordPress… not including websites and blogs from other platform …

As on date (2012) there are 57,909,445 blogs are already there in the world .. wow .. see the numbers and that too from WordPress only … (the data is taken from WordPress)

But why I am talking about the numbers here.. does it has any concern with web hosting? …

well, yes .. most of the blogs are hosted on other then WordPress hosting servers… and this is one of the biggest niche in the market… web hosting… so it is quite important to have your own hosting.

If you are here means, you are most probably looking to buy hosting services and you are aware of gvo host then profit but still if you don’t know about gvo host then profit then let me tell you all about it….

host then profit is a product driven company which offers web hosting service along with other free business building tools.

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Ok lets talk about host then profit now … but before, let’s see what you get for $9.97 / Month

1. 4 Domain Hosting with cPanel
2. Auto Responder (can create 5 Campaigns, add max. 500 Subscribers total)
3. Blogger Builder (create 4 blogs without any fuss)
4. Easy Video Creation (Create 5 videos)
5. Conference Room (5 seat conference room)

Hmm.. 5 products at $9.97 / Month .. very competitive or I would say cheap price …

Host then profit is product of Joel Therien who initially launched GoGvo web host company. The main reason Joel launched host then profit is because he wanted to provide affiliate marketer every tool required to be successful in internet marketing under one roof. The tools like “Cheap and better web hosting” “Auto Responder” “Video Making Software” and Video Conferencing” ..

So we can see that he is providing around 4 main tools under one roof which is a good thing in itself…

But the main question “is the product itself worth the price?”

As stated above, one can host 5 domains with host then profit. I had started using GVO host then profit to see if that has a quality web hosting or not. After checking it for few months, I found it quite reasonable to use .. the up time is around 98.9% in my views (I can tell this because this blog itself is hosted on hostthenprofit) but still it is a good percentage as compared to other cheap web hosting companies out there in the market. So I would say that it is worth the price but still the review is pending and the price is not here for hosting only ….

Host then profit not only provide web hosting but also involved in other tools for internet marketers like auto responder, video conferencing and easy video producer…

This is what I liked the most about host then profit is that they have managed to bring all the tools under one single roof.

So now lets talk bit about gvo’s auto responder service. In the price, Jeol really managed to bring quite a good auto responder. The main few features of gvo auto responder are as below..

1. Import / Export Option: This is quite interesting to see this feature. So if you already have a list of leads from other auto responder, you can use this service to import them into gvo auto

responder but the system will check if the mail ids you have imported are actually good or not .. if the system finds that you have submited bad emails ids (the ids which are already marked as

spam) than the system will block those ids. Good thing I believe …

2. Forms: GVO auto responder has wizard option using which you can easily create good looking lead capture widgets. They have different categories to choose from like real estate, general, money making etc..

There are other good features like you can see/update subscribers list and can easily add unlimited number of follow up messages. You can also use broadcast option to send instant mail to all your campaigns in one go… good if you have an instant message to send to all the subscribers…

Joel has smartly worked on the price to attract newbies as they can not get all the services anywhere else for such a low price but he also took care of the professional marketers by introducing option to upgrade auto responder where one can easily add upto 10,000 subscribes and that too at a very nominal charges.. quite impressive…

The other Tool Joel has introduced is “Easy Video Producer” where you can create 5 video which you can post on your blog or website or upload the same to youtube, well that is definitely your choice. 5 videos might not be sufficient but I believe that these are good number to start and to learn if you are a newbie and above all they have inbuilt templates and you can also use those templates to create lead capture pages with videos. The other cool feature it has is that you can share your videos with GVO community without promoting it.

Then there is an GVO conference tool which you can use to create your meeting room. The only drawback of conference room is that you can not have more then 5 people in the room. This tool is good for those who wants to start their own webinars. It is a good option in host then profit if you are a newbie. At least you can learn how to start your own webinar and once you go through all the details and become an expert, you can always upgrade to meetcheap (Another product from Joel). But go only if you are looking to start your webinars or else there is no need to go for meetcheap.

The last but not the least is a support system which is a back bone of any industry. The more responsive the support system the happier the customer and I would give 5/5 marks to GVOs support system. They are very helpful, active 24 hours and gives quick response… They do have a live chat system on their main website (www.GoGvo.com).

After reviewing each and every tool which GVO provides under host then profit, I would give 5 out of 5 marks to it..

Although the number one web hosting company is “HostGator” in the market but no doubt GVOs host then profit created its place in the market by providing cheap but better hosting and other tools.

I would definitely recommend GVO host then profit to all the newbies and to others as well who are starting their career in Internet Marketing because of the following reasons…

  • Less Subscription Fee ($9.97 / Month) as far as tools are concerned
  • All the tools under one roof (Hosting / Auto Responder / Conference Tool/ Easy Video Producer)
  • Easy to setup
  • $1 to test product for 7 days

Now you have below mentioned options here

1. Click here to choose hostthenprofit + other tools like Auto Responder + Video Producer etc. (Recommended)

2. Click here to join automated system if want to make money from GVO HTP

3. Click here to choose GoGvo web hosting only


To your success,

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    it seems like ages that i heve been searching for a wordpresssite like this one? i am glad i found it,some great information here, i am new and just starting out, anyway thanks for some great tips…..

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