The two major forms of click fraud are the competitive click fraud and the network click fraud.  A large number of companies are now offering click fraud protection and even the biggest search engines like Google and Yahoo claim that they are geared up with click fraud protection and hence do not consider click fraud as a major problem.


Click fraud is still prevalent in the industry, though companies selling click fraud protection services claim that only 12 percent of the top-ranking search engines have this problem.  For example, in Google the percentage is also very low, and most of the time, before the ads reach the customer and he gets charged for it, Google is able to stop almost all of them.


Just as one updates antivirus and anti spam software in order to identify new invasions, the click fraud protection as software has been introduced to combat the affliction of online advertising through click fraud.  The largest advertising channels of the internet are definitely taking action to prevent the click fraud.


In order to pursue click fraud protection, there are sites which sell proxy-finding and click-automation software.  With the help of this software it is possible to locate anonymous proxies and check out addresses.  It is possible for the search engines to keep such records so that there is no click fraud. Advertisers are always looking for new ways of click fraud, but on the other hand the web robots have often been able to overpower them.  The best way for click fraud protection is to stop access to all public proxy servers.


Basically some search engines offering click advertising are not using any click fraud protection, because it would affect their revenue and bring it down drastically.  And for the search engine user it is important to be protected from the click fraud before it happens. This means that your downside must be protected, which implies the amount of money which could be lost if there is a click fraud attack.


If you have the time to monitor your clicks all day long observing the cost per conversion, then you can immediately spot the fraud ad and turn it off immediately.  But often this procedure is impractical and hence it is better to use a technology that spots and reacts at every keyword.  This system can give you the click fraud protection and imbibe confidence in you regarding the safety of your downside.


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