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Before the creation of the Internet, those who made money on sales relied a good deal on simple network marketing strategies. They would simply strike up a conversation with a potential customer. A manufacturer’s representative would, for example, visit a number of different retail stores, and he (or she) would lend a listening ear to […]

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Facebook is a great place to share your thoughts and meet your friends but did you ever think that you can get good leads from Facebook without spending money on advertising. I will tell you, how to generate leads on facebook and you don’t even need to create any ad on it. Just plain simple […]

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The development of an MLM downline gives the marketer a large resource from which to draw. The development of an MLM downline insures the salesperson in an MLM system a greater number of rewards, rewards that recognize the sales figures for sponsored, new salespeople.

How then can any one salesperson plan to build an MLM […]

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