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Yes, most of the marketers will agree with me that building an online business is/was a nightmare for them. They started, joined a best business promoted as suggested but at the end no earnings, no results … they lost their money and hope …

Everybody wants to earn money online but building a business is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So what it takes to build an online business? Is there any magic wand in the hand of successful marketers? How come they are earning loads of money and others are nothing?

Lots of questions in the mind of unsuccessful or I would say struggling marketer and they are still looking for all the answers so that they can too build a business as others are doing…

You can not build a business online if you are not…

1. An action taker
2. A learner, A researcher
3. A thinker – who thinks out of the box
4. Spending time to build a business
5. Spending money on your business
6. A good copywriter, article writer and an ad writer
7. Good at getting traffic
8. Treating your business as YOURS
9. Passionate about your online business
10. PPP follower (Patience, Persistance and Passionate)
11. A good team player

You need to have all the above qualities in YOU if you want to build a business online. Few things are quite easy and doesn’t need any kind of training but few things need training before you apply.

An Action Taker is the Winner

ID-100179245Taking an action is not a tough task but people find it difficult because there is  some kind of fear in their mind.. fear of losing money, fear of failing, fear of embarrassment. If a person can get rid of their fear, they can go way too far and sky is the limit for them…. People who are successful is only because they have over come their fear and took action when it was required…. They didn’t care if they will lose or win .. they just had one goal and that was to earn money whatever the cost is … this is the passion one needs to have to create passive income online

Find a business but before joining that, create a trust that you will be successful with this.Feel that you are a magnet to money and you will attract lots of money from this business.Even if you fail in first attempt, don’t lose hope and continue working towards your goal.

A Learner, A Researcher Always Grow

Become a learner. The more you learn, the more you grow. But don’t just learn, apply what you have learned and see if that was the right thing you learned. There is lot of information in online world and you might get suffer from information overload. So try to learn what is required and don’t get distracted by shiny objects and useless information.

Don’t just trust everyone… learn from the leaders in the industry. Follow the one who is making good money.  The truth in the world is that no body is going to share their secret of making money but it is YOU who has to find the right one.

Or the other way to learn is to find a coach or program where you can get all the information required under one roof. That way you will be able to concentrate more on building a business instead of overloading yourself with information.

A thinker – who thinks out of the box

ID-100224529Always think out of the box.. if you are doing what other struggling affiliate marketers are doing, you will fail … do opposite to what others are doing. They are struggling because they are not action takers, they don’t want to put money in their business because they have a fear of loosing the game and this is where you need to change your mindset and do the opposite.

If you are using, build relationships with your friends. Create your own page and stay active as much as you can by sharing good things on your wall .. keep inviting people and once your reach 10k mark .. start monetizing your FB page …

Although I am not putting much effort on that side .. 🙂 but still I know this is a good way to generate good business…

Spending time to build a business

If you think that you can build a business working just 5-10 mintues a day and rest of the time spending on reading mails etc than you are wrong… You will have to put some efforts and time to make your business ID-100266295grow. Start with 30 minutes a day and concentrate more on promotions/traffic generation techniques instead of reading mails. Make a daily schedule and put that into action everyday … even if you join some kind of team, you will still have to put 100% of the efforts to increase your income.

Read mails only once a day .. it could be either in the morning or in the evening.. goto facebook once or twice a day .. same way.. either in the morning or in the evening.. but you will have to make sure that the 30 or 60 minutes you need to use only for promotions of your business.

Spending Money On Your Business

Most people think that they can build a business without spending a dime in their business but that is a wrong and mis guided statement … nothing is free in this world my friend. and if someone says that SEO is a free way to generate traffic than think again … is it really a free way … Although the word is “free” in this method but you are putting lots of time and if you remember TIME=MONEY….

Every hour you spend is worth of some money.

A good copywriter, article writer and an ad writer

This is very critical part basically If you want to do all the stuff yourself. But if you have a money and planning to hire the experts than you don’t need to worry much about this point but doing all the stuff yourself would want you to be a master in playing with the words.

The best way to judge what people want to read is to find few blog in a same niche as yours and compare which got more subscribers than others. Then read the content of the person who has more subscriber and compare the stuff with person who has less subscribers…. you will come to know what to write and how to write to attract more visitors/subscribers…

Good at getting traffic

Master yourself in this method. Believe me, this is the one you need to concentrate more.Not just traffic but you need to master yourself in getting target traffic that converts. Useless traffic will only disappoint you because you will only feel that you are not able to generate sales and that is why I ask my readers to avoid generating traffic from place which are free and promise millions of hits to website etc…

Always try to get targeted traffic which can be generated using SEO, PPC, SMM etc… hire an expert and put some money to generate sales.. After all, this is your business and you want to grow it and want to be financial secured…

When I was in Job, I put at least 90% of my efforts and now I am in online business, I put 100% of the efforts.. The logic is simple. This is my business and I want to make it grow every day. If I can put 90% in my job, why can’t I put 100% in my own business. After all, this is my business ;)…

Hope I have shared some good points with you and if you think that these are going to help you in any way, Please share the contents with others … let them get the knowledge they are looking for….


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