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Every successful online marketer is using auto responder but there are many who don’t even know what is an autoresponder and how it works? I have seen number of affiliates promoting their direct links to the visitors which is a wrong approach…

Today I am going to show you step by step process on how to create a sales funnel to build a list and believe me this is a very simple process as you don’t even need much of the technical knowledge… You won’t only build list but that list can be helpful in making money for you…

Ok, First just look below the diagram I have created .. this is a picture of a funnel we are going to create ..


The picture above shows the way a funnel should be … now, in the process the first step is to create your lead capture page or a squeez page.. It will be used to capture the email Ids of people visiting your LCP (lead capture page) .. If you are using wordpress blog, than there is a plugin called WP lead plus which can be used to create beautiful LCPs…

Sample Here

The 2nd step is to create OTO or Thank you page with Survey .. I have seen many people offer OTO after subscription but in my view, we should say thank you and ask them to complete a survey to learn more about their problems after it. These pages can be shown once the person enter their email IDs on LCP. Offering OTO is not wrong but it would depend upon the LCP you are creating for..

OTO is basically a one time offer where you can sell product and it could be a high quality PLR product. If you anyhow planning to go with OTO method than make sure to chose high quality MRR product instead of low quality poor value products. I am using MRR products from Master resel rights.com

But mostly, I offer survey  to my subscribers to know more about their marketing problems. This way, at least I know what is the biggest problem they are facing in making money online and will definitely build a relationship with them and you don’t need technical knowledge to create a survey .. there is free wordpress plugin I use to create it in a minute… check here


Now the 3rd step is to create followup emails and that can be done using auto responder. I am using traffic wave auto responder. Follow up emails are simply means to create a series of emails which you can send at periodic intervals to your list. This can be done using your autoresponder very easily .. basically, you will create say around 10-20 emails depending upon the offer you have and will put the same in your autoresponder. I had created around 21 follow up emails. Once the person subscribe, autoresponder will send them follow up messages one by one .. the period can be defined by you .. for example.. if you want to send mails on a daily basis or on after 2 days. The other useful thing with autoresponder are that you can also broadcast message to your subcriber if you have any special annoucement or information for your subscribers….


Tip: Never send more than 1-2 message in a day to your list.

If you don’t know what to write and how to create email series than basically there are few methods (free and paid) and you can choose the one you are comfortable with…

1. Subscriber yourself first (Free Method): Say if you are selling someone’s product than most probably they are having autoresponder attached to their sales page or LCP. Just goto the LCP and subscribe yourself first… you will start receiving message from the owner of the product and believe me the quality of email series will be of high quality as they are professional marketers… You can use the same series with same delivery frequency for your subscribers as they are using or you can change them accordingly … Bang.. isn’t it’s easy? but this is not the only place you can use emails, you might have already subscribed to many other offers/products/Internet Marketers List. Just see which email is compelling and force you to click the link .. you can, with little bit modifications, use the email for your product/offer.

2. Ask someone (Paid Method): You can ask someone to write a series of emails for you. Number of content writers are available at iWriter, just choose the one which you think is good… Ask them to write short message regarding the product you have .. or say if you want 20 emails.. ask them to write 10 articles 150 words each on the subject and than cut half the article and make it two or may be three.. this way, you will be able to convert 10 articles into 20 emails or even 30 email series. Articles at iWriter are just starts at $1.25 .. Just do the calculations, how much will it cost to you…

3. PLR Pack (Paid): This is another paid method.. You can buy some PLR articles related to your niche and use that as your email series.

Now the major part is to bring traffic to your LCP. If you already know how to generate traffic than its good but if not, just wait for my next article which would be on delivering targeted traffic to your LCPs…

If someone wants to share their views, you are very welcome to use my “guest post” option …

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